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LastPass XSS vulnerability found, website and browser add-ons affected (updated) (Download Squad)

Feb 28th 2011 4:12AM The magazine Linux Format did a test on password managers in the Xmas 2010 issue, and this were the results:

KeePassX - 9/10
Gpass - 4/10
Gpassword Manager - 9/10
Revelation - 8/10
Gringotts - 4/10
MyPasswords - 10/10
PasswordSafe - 7/10
Figaro's Password Manager - 8/10

Corel VideoStudio X4 giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 3:31AM Try the open source Lightworks Beta if you want great video editing software...

Oh yeah, stop limiting these giveaways by region and age....

Copy Fixer for Firefox and Chrome lets you easily copy the URL and page title (Download Squad)

Nov 17th 2010 3:24AM That is really useful, I need this.

@mediazed: copying seems to work fine for you, you just need a plug-in to avoid duplicate paste operations..... ;-)

SugarSync for Android is just like Dropbox... but better (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2010 11:50AM Since SugarSync and DropBox are the only two mentioned here, then let me throw in SpiderOak as well.

I use both DropBox and SpiderOak. I may very well end up using SugarSync one day too, but the particular needs I had was best covered by these to.

What the Zuk: an ode to Total Commander (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2010 3:30AM I highly recommend NexusFile from --it looks good and works well.

Windows Live Sync 2011 offers slick peer-to-peer sync and remote control (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 5:38AM I just notice that the page I posted a link to is auto-generated and you can replace the error code with any number and it generates a page with the same content for be aware, maybe downloading and running CCleaner with its registry error repair will be better....

Windows Live Sync 2011 offers slick peer-to-peer sync and remote control (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 5:35AM Try this:

Oh, and don't blame me if it doesn't work, or screw up your PC. I just happen to run across this and thought it may be what you need, but be aware of any executables you find on the net.... :-)

Update puts the "hot" in Hotmail: attachments up to 50MB, better organization, and much more (Download Squad)

May 18th 2010 4:00PM Hotmail's spam filter is actually very good. I have used Hotmail for over 10 years for private e-mail messages (since before Microsoft bought it), and I receive typically between 50 to 250 messages per day --I can't remember the last time I saw more than one or two spam messages in my inbox, but mileage my vary depending on settings, etc.

On the other hand, I do plan to switch to Gmail (I have accounts there too, but not used actively) but not because of Hotmails spam filter....I recently saw a test showing that spam was worse on Gmail.

Total Commander 7.55 RC1 is out, now faster than ever (Download Squad)

May 18th 2010 3:40PM I like Free Commander too, but I prefer Nexus File --check it out at

Dear Hotmail: I won't take you seriously until you cut this crap out (Download Squad)

May 18th 2010 3:33PM You can use your own domain with both Hotmail and GMail.