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Novell and Microsoft cut out the GPL cancer from open-source Silverlight (Download Squad)

Dec 24th 2009 6:58PM "More commercial"... Seriously are you remedial? Sigh, let me explain slowly...

There are generally two types of open source licenses, permissive and copyleft. There are some that are in between. MIT X11, BSD are permissive and GPL is copyleft. The LGPL license is somewhere in between.

Again if you don't completely understand what permissive OSS licenses mean then do some research. Are you a journalist or just a blogger?! All you really need to know is permissive == less stricter! Jeez.

Also, OSS projects change their license(s) all the time, especially when they realise its restricting innovation.

Ubuntu alpha apparently breaking hardware, shattering dreams (Engadget)

Sep 26th 2008 1:58PM Intel make their own open source drivers that go into the linux
kernel. Theyre quite vocal about this fact. This means that Intel are most
probably at fault here.

Ubuntu alpha apparently breaking hardware, shattering dreams (Engadget)

Sep 26th 2008 1:18PM This bug applies to all distros using the as of yet unreleased 2.6.27 version of the linux kernel.

This is not strictly an ubuntu bug/mistake

Google Checkout Trends: Google knows where you shop, what you buy (Download Squad)

Jan 12th 2008 8:12PM Is it just me or is Download Squad sort of anti-google. This isnt the first time you guys have taken things way out of proportion when its comes to google and privacy.

Maybe i should stop reading downloadsquad.com aswell. Cos they own 5% of AOL, which owns Weblogs Inc, which owns this very site! Is there no end to googles reign of terror?!

Google is far from perfect, so if youre going fault them. Fault them where they really have faulted and cut the privacy BS for every little thing Google does.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 37 (Engadget)

Sep 13th 2007 4:58AM hello, pick me

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 22 (Engadget)

Sep 9th 2007 9:05AM pick me!

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 19 (Engadget)

Sep 8th 2007 1:28PM i want it

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 17 (Engadget)

Sep 8th 2007 1:28AM I want one