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Designers think iTunes 10 logo "sucks", Steve Jobs responds (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2010 8:06PM yeah that logo really sucks. i'm a graphic designer, and i know a good logo when i see one! the purple one on dribbble is really sweet!

Dell Lightning: the ultimate Windows Phone 7 device leaks out (Engadget)

Apr 21st 2010 7:56PM OMFG!!!!

my only complaints: wish it could be upgradeable to 16gb, and i wish it was CDMA.

Windows Phone 7 is the new name, 'Series' gets voted off island (Engadget)

Apr 2nd 2010 2:23PM it's better, but it's still too long. all these other phones have really short, 1 or 2 syllable names.

Ask Engadget: best rugged PMP out there? (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2010 11:22PM ZUNE HD ALL THEY WAY!!!! it's so classy, has a GORGEOUS UI!! and it's pretty rugged looking, and actually VERY durable!

i had an ipod touch, and with just regular use it got scratched up pretty badly. i've had my zune hd a LOT longer than my ipod touch, and i only have 1 (ONE) nick on it. it's amazing! not a scratch on the screen.

Apple's iPad: are you getting one? (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2010 4:40PM lol i'm sure not getting one! what a waste of money.

The Engadget app for Android is finally, really here! (Engadget)

Mar 25th 2010 12:39PM ok good. now make one for windows phone 7!!!

Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': exclusive pictures and details (update: video!) (Engadget)

Mar 5th 2010 1:58PM @(Unverified)

especially with that wicked painting app they have on their! look at the last picture..

Leak: Microsoft Pink phones coming to Verizon, on shelves April 20th? (Engadget)

Mar 5th 2010 1:18PM uggh it's so ugly! i'm a teen and i'd never buy one of those.

Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': exclusive pictures and details (update: video!) (Engadget)

Mar 5th 2010 11:26AM i tell you that last pic is the project gustav painting app they've been developing. look. you can mix oil colors right there and paint with brushes. awesome!

i'm SOOO happy to know that this thing is still alive! if it's released, my mom and i will buy one each.

HP to undercut iPad price, iPad to undercut Amazon e-books prices, Courier to rule them all? (Engadget)

Feb 18th 2010 7:36AM i'm buying a courier right when it's released!