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Microsoft's Virtual WiFi will make Windows 7 wireless adapters do a double-take (Engadget)

May 18th 2009 9:18AM That's right, Vikingu. You can use wlanconfig to create multiple `virtual' NICs... ath0, ath1, ath2... I commonly do this so as to have one virtual card in normal Managed mode (so I'm connected to my router like normal) but also have another virtual card in Monitor mode at the same time. But yes you can put the virtual cards in whatever mode you like and connect to whatever you please. I've never really found a use for it so don't bother (at the end of the day you have to pick one gateway to take your outside network (i.e. internet) traffic through).

Yes it does take a bit of a speed hit.

Shame you got low-ranked, what you wrote is quite correct.

I didn't read the article so Microsoft's implementation may differ somewhat from what Atheros/madwifi has had under Linux for the past few years, but it sounds broadly similar.

Nissan's Nuvu: electric, cartoonish (Engadget)

Oct 2nd 2008 7:18PM I agree, looks a hell of a lot like the Nissan Micra. We get it in NZ too.

I wouldn't drive one, although my girlfriend thinks they're cute. I like having them on the road though, they're dead narrow, makes it easier to lane-split with my motorbike.

The association between small cars and death-traps seems to be an American pre-occupation. Perhaps a triumph of the American motor manufacturers' marketing?

Western Digital developing 20,000RPM Raptor to take on SSDs? (Engadget)

Jun 6th 2008 10:23AM 20,000rpm and you're worrying about the platter cracking? Pffft. I've ridden a couple of twenty year old motorcycles which redlined at 20,000rpm. If they can do it with shitty 20 year old aluminium pistons weighing how much then they can do it with a thin, light, perfectly balanced disc.

Mozilla launches Firefox 3 RC2 (Download Squad)

Jun 5th 2008 12:26AM It's meant to do that -- it's a Release Candidate. The idea is that they make a release candidate, release it, and if there's no problems, they just start calling it Firefox 3.0. As there's nothing to change, nobody has to download a whole new 10MB or so just to change the name in the About box. Turns out there were some problems with RC1, so they released RC2 -- exactly the same situation.

X10 automated Poker / Blackjack table is decidedly drool-worthy (Engadget)

Jun 3rd 2008 8:51AM @hiko36

That's his point you dumb twat. How that got High Ranked is beyond me. He's saying people buy electronic card games (e.g. for the DS) because they offer something over real cards. This does not -- it's huge, and you still have to play with people in the same room.

Video: ASIMO burns as Yo-Yo Ma fiddles (Engadget)

May 14th 2008 11:01AM What living composer would that be?

Mr Ma is a cellist.

Flipping the Linux switch: Xfce, the hidden gem of desktop environments (Download Squad)

Apr 29th 2008 12:11AM Bah, Xfce isn't cool now that it's mainstream --

good thing I've still got Openbox :D

On poor hardware, or any laptop, these sort of lightweight desktops are wonderful. Xfce/Fluxbox/Openbox et al are all great, after using them you just can't stand the slowness and memory usage of Gnome/KDE.

Cybernet's all-in-one keyboard computers get an upgrade (Engadget)

Mar 25th 2008 9:29AM I think the trackpad is in about the right spot. I stopped using an external mouse on laptops quite a while ago, so I'm used to using laptop trackpads for most of my computing. On almost all laptops the trackpad is right under the space-bar, just like here. It just looks weird because it's got a full keyboard, all those extra keys off to the right. Your hands will still be over the main QWERTY keyboard, though.

Army working in more Macs to diversify systems, thwart attackers (Engadget)

Dec 22nd 2007 5:25PM You can tell Evan's from the Army, just look at his spelling =^_^=