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Survey says: Android users mostly male, webOS not just for women, iPod touch for kids (Engadget)

Feb 26th 2010 10:59AM We bought our 2 year-old an iPod Touch for his birthday because he wouldn't leave our iPhones alone. He's really good with the thing. He knows how to play all of his games and how to get to his music and movies. If he knew the password he could even find and buy apps he wanted. It's pretty impressive. However, he still is constantly grabbing our phones because they have cameras. Thanks for leaving that out, Apple. I really appreciate it.

Amazon offers to give back your Kindle's copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four (Engadget)

Sep 4th 2009 2:15PM Well this sucks. I went weeks without turning the wireless capabilities of my Kindle on just so I could read 1984 before they took it away. Now I don't get the offer for the $30 credit (for a $1 purchase!) because they were never able to delete mine.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Klipsch HD Theater 500 sound system! (Engadget)

Apr 9th 2009 1:14PM I just bought a house. I'm trying to help the economy. Now I need speakers...

Xfire launches free gaming voice chat service (Big Download)

Apr 9th 2009 12:10AM So I'm guessing this is pretty much what you've already been able to do through Xfire for years, but now they host it on their servers rather than you doing it on your own PC. I welcome the change. Now I don't have to worry about the chat host leaving. Sweet.

Black Friday Giveaways (part 12): Sony PSP (Engadget)

Nov 25th 2007 11:33PM Yes, please.

RIM experiencing yet another BlackBerry outage? (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2007 10:31PM AT&T Curve in western Kentucky - Internet/email service was very spotty most of the morning, but now everything seems to be fine.

2K responds to BioShock PC copy protection issue, ignores PS3 code mention (Joystiq)

Aug 23rd 2007 12:30AM Dude, don't forget your tin-foil hat. You've been "spied" on your entire life, and you will continue to be "spied" on as long as you live. Get used to it.

However, I must agree that this copy protection is a bit ridiculous.

Paramount, Dreamworks dropping Blu-ray in favor of HD DVD exclusivity (Engadget)

Aug 20th 2007 2:18PM It should be noted that Spielberg's movies are excluded from this deal and will still be released on BluRay.

Overall, I really don't care who wins the format war. I have a PS3, but I wouldn't have a problem buying a stand-alone HD-DVD player in the future. It just seems like a really stupid decision by Paramount. I don't care if they really did receive $150 million from the HD-DVD camp, delaying the format war will keep consumers out of the market and will cost them much more than $150 million in the long run.

Has anyone been paying attention to how this announcement has affected their stock? It seems to me like it would more than likely make it fall rather than rise. It's just an all-around baffling move by a major company. I guess when it's put that way, we shouldn't be surprised at all...