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Rich Adrion

Member since: Sep 1st, 2006

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Corel VideoStudio X4 giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2011 3:44PM I have been working in video production for 25 years. I am always willing to check out new tec in my field.

YouSendIt is the only way to transfer files across the Internet -- review, and mammoth give-away (Download Squad)

May 27th 2010 10:11PM YouSendit is a must for all video editors, always need to send large video files and Yousendit is a very easy way to do that.

Engadget's recession antidote: win an HP TouchSmart IQ527! (Engadget)

Jul 30th 2009 2:13PM Really nice, would look great on my desk

Firefox 3 beta 5 released (Download Squad)

Apr 2nd 2008 7:18PM Can't seem to embed videos or view videos from youtube in the comments on Myspace...Anyone else seeing this problem? The embed works if I do it from the IEtab

Happy 30th birthday, Atari 2600! (Engadget)

Oct 1st 2007 12:35PM I turned over Kaboom from Activision.That was a hard game!

What does your setup look like? (DV Guru)

Sep 1st 2006 1:10AM Link to my VT4 setup at my apartment.
I have a nice collection of software
Particle illusion
Adobe Encore 2.0
and more