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Google buys a VoIP company, might build a Skype competitor (Download Squad)

May 19th 2010 3:22PM Agreed. It's frustrating that google voice is still US only after all these years. This move may be a step in the right direction, though.

Apple patent application shocker: games need buttons (Engadget)

Apr 3rd 2010 8:55AM I swear the next post will be something along the lines of "Apple takes a piss". Can't you guys lay off the Apple-juice (lol) for once...? Granted, I use Apple products and I enjoy your enthusiastic coverage of it, but come on. Let them breathe a bit, guys.

FFXIV gameplay footage explores cities, chocobos and emotes (Massively)

Mar 31st 2010 6:41PM Looks promising! The vista shots of the cliffs early on in the video show just how incomplete it is, though. Let's hope they release a few more videos (which include combat and a few more of the systems) soon.

Latest Firefox 3.7 pre-alpha adds built-in Aero glass support (Download Squad)

Mar 28th 2010 3:52PM Are you really arguing about how the browser looks? Couldn't pick a less childish thing to argue over? I mean seriously....

Oh and just an FYI, Firefox has looked that way since 3.0 which was before Chrome came on the scene. And even then it was just a modification of their 2.7 scheme. If anything, it was (and is) more Opera-like than Chrome-like. So your argument is basically moot.

Neverland Online new version announced (Massively)

Mar 13th 2010 7:54PM I immediately thought of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch after seeing that title and then cut to a smug look on the late star's face while laying in his grave. Obviously, this is all part of his plan.

Massively's Heroes of Three Kingdoms closed beta key giveaway (Massively)

Mar 13th 2010 11:42AM Aren't all Perfect World games just the same thing with a different skin? sigh...

GDC10: NCSoft speaks out on Aion 1.9 (Massively)

Mar 13th 2010 2:22AM Err? They said from the very start that it was just a maybe. Not that I don't feel the same disdain as you do, but people keep making them seem as if they're evil.

Wings Over Atreia: Community Guide to Aion (Massively)

Mar 9th 2010 8:47AM @Macabre erm... if I'm not mistaken, I do believe Aion shows you how many people are on a given server at the server select screen when you're logging in.

Add volume and battery meters (and more!) to your Windows 7 superbar (Download Squad)

Mar 9th 2010 1:28AM While I'm usually inclined to agree with DLS on stuff like this, I can understand what he meant. I can't see a practical use for this other than for those color features(especially with other shortcut apps like 3RVX). That still doesn't justify it enough, though (at least for me, it doesn't!).

Add volume and battery meters (and more!) to your Windows 7 superbar (Download Squad)

Mar 9th 2010 1:22AM Spammers are getting ridiculously smart nowadays. Actually posting something somewhat relevant to the post.