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Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014 (Download Squad)

Nov 2nd 2010 5:11AM To migrate a few PCs in a small enterprise not focused on IT development, or also, in whatever sector medium-big enterprises, translates into a significative cost.

For a very big part of the enterprises (I would say much more than the other 52%) there are no significative advantages for day-to-day usage of W7 over XP. In fact there are big disadvantages, as users are not used to it, and would generate more cases (so IT administrators must first install the new OS and later explain/resolve the new problems). I work in a medium-sized enterprise, dedicated to IT, and believe me, not everyone reads DS. There will be always people disturbing IT admins about quite-trivial things, and if you change them the OS, much much more ("I used this program that now i can't install"..."my outlook"...blablabla...unending).

So also, apart from old PCs, as the previous comment #11 says, for enterprises loss/gains is the most important, and if they have to buy new copies of the OS, also invest a big money in the migration and support...they must see very big advantages to assume that cost, which I think personally they don't see, and prefer the most-secure and cheaper option of just "mantain what is working".

Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014 (Download Squad)

Nov 2nd 2010 4:50AM "It won't be "that good' when Microsoft is no longer providing security updates "

Don't you think M$ is an enterprise which goal is to make profit? or is their goal to give you just the superb OS? Do you think they will no longer sell other OS if some day they find the 'awesome f*cking good OS' ?

Being good, bad, or superb, M$ is NOT interested in people continuing using their OS during 10-11 years, that's not good for sales. So, probably, the most efective way to "unlazy", to "awake" or "to sell new OS" is just to stop giving service to the old OS.
C'mon, I could imagine myself also trying this if I were a directive of M$...

Root your HTC Android phone with unrevoked (Download Squad)

Jul 19th 2010 4:15AM If you root your phone...yeah, word says all, "root"! so you have all the access to the system, and you can delete whatever you want (obviously is dangerous if you don't know what are you doing).
I am pretty sure taht you won't have any problem when updating it normally, automatically. Rooting the phone just give you "bigger" access to phone's resources (view entire structure of file-system, ability to remove process from the init of the system...). But make a search, can't confirm it as still 2.2 is not able for my Legend.

VLC 1.1 is here: hardware acceleration, WebM, extensions (Download Squad)

Jun 23rd 2010 4:10AM If someone doesn't get GPU acceleration with this VLC release, another great option is "splayer", which works really well and also has it (working with Nvidias and ATIs). And like VLC, has also a portable flavour :o)

Sitehoover is a speed dial page with RSS support (Download Squad)

May 27th 2010 7:38AM For me there is no contest, www.netvibes.com ;)

ExtensionFM lands in the Chrome Extensions Gallery: a must-have for music lovers (Download Squad)

May 17th 2010 10:21AM Deleted the previous spam message from other user :)

Thanks for this extremely cool plug-in, and with last-fm scrobbling!!

5 geeky, free Windows programs non-geeks should know about (Download Squad)

Apr 22nd 2010 2:23AM Thanks for your share!!!
I knew most of these very useful programs.
Personally, instead of Macrium i prefer way more Cobian or Toucan, which could backup also manually or programatically an entire partition or just the folders (including filters) that you define. Both also free and portable! :)

Make your Windows desktop look like the Windows Phone 7 home screen (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2010 2:18AM #16 blaszta: I got mine working. Did u tried this?
Hope that helps ^_^

Samurize is much lighter than rainmeter (and for me not uglier or less powerful), and also, the configuration and customization is done in a much nicer way, with it's own editor instead of those text files.....

Make your Windows desktop look like the Windows Phone 7 home screen (Download Squad)

Mar 30th 2010 10:16AM Used also Samurize with very similar taste and really really lightweight too!!