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Bing is now the No.2 search engine worldwide (Download Squad)

Mar 2nd 2011 3:22PM As an alternative source of stats/percentages, comScore (as reported via SearchEngineWatch) presents a much less dominant picture for Google:

Google: 65.6%
Yahoo: 16.1%
Bing: 13.1%
Ask: 3.4%
AOL: 3.1%

Whether these are more or less accurate #'s than StatCounter, I don't know.

Turn off your PC and BitTorrent from a Linux console with rTorrent (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2011 3:29PM @kojo87 I agree with other commenters that usually the host won't care, but remember a VPS is shared with many other customers. So if the host feels you are negatively impacting the other customers they can and will shut your account down, sometimes without warning. Signing up for a VPS and using it for torrenting is (in most cases) using it for a purpose it was not intended, so, use it as such at your own risk. Also, beware hosts which offer "unlimited" space and/or bandwidth, because there is no such thing, and these hosts will likely shut down your account at the first sign of high usage. Unmetered is different; these hosts (probably rare for VPS) offer you as much bandwidth as you're able to use through their limited upload/download speeds.

Wifi Analyzer for Android helps you pick the best channel for your Wi-Fi network (Download Squad)

Dec 16th 2010 4:22PM @alistairclarke Thanks I'll try it out later today :)

Wifi Analyzer for Android helps you pick the best channel for your Wi-Fi network (Download Squad)

Dec 16th 2010 3:42PM Anyone know of a free & simple program like this for those of us who don't have Android devices? (Ie, for Windows)

7-Zip version 9.20 released, still the best tool for compressed files (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2010 11:22PM I tried 7-Zip years ago, but didn't care for it. Is the interface still the same? I found it unintuitive. I use jZip, which is based on 7-Zip technology, although it unfortunately seems to have been abandoned (last updated in 2008 I think).

Google Instant launches, searching now 'faster than the speed of type' (Download Squad)

Sep 8th 2010 5:36PM I kinda agree with Jonny ... the drop-down search suggestions are useful, this pre-search tech just seems annoying to me. Though I will still for the moment use Google instead of Bing ...

Torchlight 'hopefully' out on XBLA and PSN by holidays, has sold 750,000 units (Joystiq)

Aug 21st 2010 1:39PM @Puertoricarious Torchlight on PC has no multiplayer at all. That was the main complaint with it. Torchlight 2 WILL have multiplayer but the one coming out for XBLA/PSN is the original, so, none.

This is the full 83-track Rock Band 3 setlist (Joystiq)

Aug 20th 2010 2:24PM Some great songs on that list!


Key Hero typing test is an addictive way to check and improve your typing (Download Squad)

Aug 9th 2010 5:16PM About 70 WPM here, I thought I was faster than that :(

Artist turns 100 classic controllers into alarm clocks (Joystiq)

Jul 15th 2010 1:10PM More accurate title:

"Artist" ruins 100 classic controllers