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Spotify's U.S. launch delayed by cash demands from record labels? (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2011 4:27PM Really? If anything, they should be paying Spotify cash for providing an awesome platform to get people to hear their music. These guys are business people - do they not understand a golden business opportunity when it's been repeatedly slammed in their faces for the past decade?

AOL spent more than $300 million on distributing free sign-up CDs (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2010 6:30AM Thanks for all the coffee mug coasters/shiny car dangling thingies AOL! :D

Bebo launches bChat, a 'safe' alternative to Chatroulette (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2010 6:21AM I wonder how they'll make it safer than ChatRoulette. Perhaps some neural-network based "dick recognition" technology to automatically filter the image?

The Economist comes to the iPhone and iPad, hopes to get a million readers in three years (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2010 2:55AM Yay, I'm an economist print subscriber, this is great news. The economist is one of the very few news publications that are actually worth paying for. I'm now awaiting the android app...

SugarSync ups free storage to 5 GB, now allows any number of connected devices (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2010 2:17PM I'll wait and see what Dropbox does, but enter me for the giveaway in any case!

U.S. Air Force begins migrating 600,000 systems to Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Nov 5th 2010 12:58PM On top of that, it's not even in service anymore!

Trend Micro raises a stink over Security Essentials via Windows Update (Download Squad)

Nov 5th 2010 10:33AM QQ some more Trend Micro. Your own products have gone downhill in the past few years.

Capital One offers you a different loan APR depending on your Web browser (Download Squad)

Nov 2nd 2010 1:34PM I'm getting 2.7%, 4.09% and 3.94% in Chrome Dev build ;)

Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014 (Download Squad)

Nov 1st 2010 2:45PM That's so lazy, that they don't deserve the honourable title of "Sysadmin".

It's the equivalent of a business back in 2008 using Windows 95.

Murder Map illustrates every known murder in London, England (Download Squad)

Oct 17th 2010 3:19PM So yeah, imma gonna stay out of South London (or Saaarf Landan as the locals pronounce it).