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Apple's A4 SoC faces Qualcomm Snapdragon in knock-down-drag-out benchmarking test (Engadget)

Apr 4th 2010 3:59AM Frankly, I don't care about benchmark tests. My HD2 is fast and kicks ass.

Apple hits back at Verizon in new iPhone ads (video) (Engadget)

Nov 23rd 2009 8:51PM Sorry Apple and AT&T, but my G1 can do all that stuff, and more.

How would you change Snow Leopard? (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2009 12:37AM My thoughts exactly. Very good, sir!

Media Center CableCARDs freed from OEM requirement (Engadget)

Sep 9th 2009 9:58PM This is WAY more exciting than what Apple had to show today!!!

Apple's naughty list: which apps aren't ready for Snow Leopard? (Download Squad)

Aug 30th 2009 3:09PM With all their commercials dissing Windows Vista, why the hell is Apple pulling a "Vista" by introducing an operating system with initial software incompatibilities????!!!!!

Twitter and Facebook for Xbox Live will be free for Gold members, 'free trial' for Silver (Engadget)

Aug 28th 2009 2:30AM That really sucks. I don't want to pay to have facebook on my xbox. Oh well, I guess I'll stick with facebook on the computer. Microsoft should take a hint from the PS3 and make shit like this free.

Video: The first (televised) kiss between robots (Engadget)

Aug 25th 2009 3:53AM JAPAAAANNNNNN!!!! STOP MAKING CREEPY-ASS ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow Leopard shipping August 28th for $29, order now (Engadget)

Aug 24th 2009 10:53AM Sorry, but I think OS X still looks like shit compared to Windows 7. Those ugly-ass white window borders are pretty dated. No offense to Mac users. That's just my opinion.

Bell's Palm Pre commercial couldn't be more Apple if it had an Orba Squara soundtrack (Engadget)

Aug 21st 2009 10:15AM Slightly less douchey vibe than the Apple ads, but still pretty douchey. Come on, Bell. Let Apple have their douchey commercials. You're better than that.

Is this really all Microsoft is doing with the Windows 7 gadget gallery? (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2009 8:20PM I don't use gadgets because they eat up memory, so this lack of Windows 7's attention to gadgets doesn't really bother me at all. I won't use them anyway.