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Joomla 1.5 released (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2008 4:32AM Ignore that - they have now released 1.5.1 so the 1.5 downloads have been removed.

Joomla 1.5 released (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2008 4:18AM Is it just me or is it impossible to actually download the package at the moment.
The download links on all sites go to Joomlaforge where you get an Access Denied message even if you are a member.

Roboclaw - Time Waster (Download Squad)

Jan 10th 2008 8:50AM That's great.
I particularly like the way that it doesn't recognise my keystrokes. in fact it just doesn't work at all.
I think someone took the "time-waster" tag too literally :)

Let Microsoft spy on you, get a free copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Dec 12th 2007 8:56AM Hear, hear.
I've lost count of the amount of times I've come across this.

Couch swapping now on Facebook (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2007 2:44PM Oops - cut short in my prime

Couch swapping now on Facebook (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2007 2:42PM You see, that's where our minds differ.
They called it 'couchsurfing.com' whereas I would have been more realistic and called it 'iwanttobebuggeredkilledandeatenbyloonystrangers.com.

I suopposed

The Content isn't Just Gonna Create Itself People (Download Squad)

May 22nd 2007 1:48PM Sanctuary is free?
Am I missing something here?
I know they change the definition of things now and then but, as far as I know, Free still means "costing nothing, nada, zip, nowt, naught and absolutely bugger all", and certainly not 1.89 per 'webisode'.

Windows Vista pricing leaked, and it's not pretty (Download Squad)

Aug 29th 2006 2:21PM The thing that keeps me from switching to Mac is that I don't want to be one of the legions of Mac bores.
You know it will happen - one minute you're using windows and just quietly getting on with your life, then you buy a Mac and begin constantly boring the tits off everyone by banging on at ridiculous length about how much better Macs are.
If they can find a way of curing that side-effect, I'm in!