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Flip S1240W priced at $280 in Best Buy's systems, reads an awful lot like 'Slide HD' to us (Engadget)

Apr 9th 2010 12:30PM Maybe it's 1080p? Maybe the video quality is beating a real camcorder of thrice the price? Maybe it'll spring money trees in your backyard? Serve unicorn roast for dinner?

Best Buy's 3D bundle pricing isn't as much of a deal as it appears (Engadget)

Mar 18th 2010 1:36PM It says it all right there: "NO INTEREST"

The Space Bar sleekly covers up your grimy keyboard, adds a few USB ports to boot (Engadget)

Jan 20th 2010 12:21PM I already spent way too much time wondering where this thing is supposed to go when I actually want to use the keyboard. Especially when those 6 USB ports will turn it into a tentacle monster. We live in a world where even bad ideas make it to market.

Microsoft debuts Arc Keyboard, exclusive to Best Buy (Engadget)

Jan 7th 2010 7:34PM @tdogdfw

Perhaps you have to pay royalties to the Bluetooth people to use their protocol, logos, certification whereas cheap ass off the shelf 2.4 GHz wireless parts exist and cost a fraction of the BT thing/is a lot less hassle to implement.

When I say you, I mean manufacturers, of course.

Brando offers USB Triple Foot Switch on the cheap (Engadget)

Jan 6th 2010 7:31PM @JP23

What are electrolytes?
I don't know, but they are extremely awesome!

LG's LTE-packing M13 spied in the flesh, we still can't tell what it is (Engadget)

Jan 6th 2010 7:27PM It's obviously a TDX-MA device.

Dell netbook modded into a rather large handset (video) (Engadget)

Dec 31st 2009 2:40PM @kris120890

What is your area? Who blocks Chinese clips?

jWIN strikes deal to sell products under Polaroid name (Engadget)

Dec 30th 2009 5:33PM They should do a Polaroid branded Commodore something. That would be a nice double dip licensing deal. I know, it made not sense, and neither this announcement.

Near-final Pandora handheld gets user reviewed, shown playing Super Mario 64 (Engadget)

Dec 22nd 2009 12:06PM @tylersmyler
You wear a watch? What year do you live in?