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Is a Core i7-based MacBook Pro strutting its specs in the wild? (Engadget)

Feb 7th 2010 3:04PM I'm not impressed by the score. My old Core2Quad Q9450, P45 motherboard and 8GB of DDR2-800 scored a 4744. :)


This is the Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer you're looking for (Joystiq)

Jun 2nd 2009 9:32PM I'm almost interested in this game. Maybe the next trailer will do it for me. :)

NVIDIA GPU resurrected after 10 minutes at 425°F (Engadget)

Jun 1st 2009 11:26PM The original story says 385F not 425F. Nice try.

Adobe Acrobat bug more dangerous than originally thought (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2009 11:15PM The developers of Foxit have confirmed that this doesn't affect their software. Good thing I use it! :)

7 addons and two tweaks for annoyance-free browsing with Firefox (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2009 5:19PM Adblock Plus v1.0.1 + EasyList for the win! :)

Should you be paid for the time it takes to boot your computer? (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2009 5:16PM I forgot to mention, I work from home, and if I had employees, I would pay them to wait on their PC to boot. However, they wouldn't have to wait as the PC would be on when they came in to work. ;)

Should you be paid for the time it takes to boot your computer? (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2009 5:14PM I have 6 computers in my network at home and I never turn them off and the only time they get rebooted is if an update requires it.

Block ads in Chrome-based SRWare Iron with a single file (Download Squad)

Jan 7th 2009 1:23PM I use admuncher. Blocks ads in every application on my PC. No need to "hack" or "tweak" or "mod" anything. :)

The editor-in-chief giveaway: Win Ryan Block's gadgets (Engadget)

Aug 23rd 2008 3:24PM I plan on keeping 100% of it. I'm a pack rat and I love collecting gadgets. :)