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Your guide to Firefox 4 and its shiny new features (Download Squad)

Nov 13th 2010 12:58AM @João Pereira
"If it doesn't slowdown the browser I like to have them built-in"
That's an interesting point. How you can tell how much/if that functionality slows down the browser. It's more code so it can`t make it faster, but it should be optimized.
On the other hand you can tell how much an extension slows down your browser and if it's worth it you can use it or not. I guess it's a matter of choices for the end user.
Opera for example has several advanced features built-in, some people really love it, but judging for the user share I guess most don’t. Same with Chrome but at a lower degree, if you happen to like all the extra-built-in functionality great, if not, that's it.
So it's not only about the functionality but for the end user possibility of choice. I guess whether the functionality it's worth implementing, is the relation between how many people are going to use it and how much extra load/bloat is putting on the browser. Kind of Extensions/Optional features vs built-in ones. If I really like one it will be worth the slow down, If I don't I'd rather keep my browser as thin as possible.

Your guide to Firefox 4 and its shiny new features (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2010 9:49PM @João Pereira
Come on... same discussion, same arguments.
"Chrome has better features than Firefox (at least the ones who matter)"
Then you definitely aren't a heavy browser user. There are lots of basic functionality and preferences that Chrome lacks. Example bookmarks management, customizable UI, proper automatic personal data cleaning.

"since most of the features are things that Chrome has since a long time"
Did you happen to know that almost all the "new" features of Chrome were already available as firefox extensions?

"I don't recall any sync extensions, if you please could indicate some)"
Foxmarks? This tells me you are not properly informed. If you don´t even know the most popular firefox extensions how can you possibly state that "Chrome has better features than Firefox". And let's face it Chrome extension gallery is a joke compared to Firefox one. Question for you tell me one important feature that Chrome has that it's not available for Firefox (for the Omnibar there are similar extensions and I'm not sure but there's one being developed that adds all of its features).

"examples like Greasemonkey or Prism show that Chrome has features inside the browser and that you need an extension for them in Firefox"
What´s the problem with using extensions, do you prefer that someone else decides functionality that you won´t be able to remove and that you may eventually never use, instead of choosing what´s important for you.

Last but no less, Chrome is no longer fast when you have more than 10 tabs or several extensions installed

Rainy Mood helps you relax with the sound of RAIN! (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2010 8:13PM @Scruffy Bob

Yeah! Thanks for pointing it.

Sikuli uses screen shots to run scripts, is amazing (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2010 8:02PM Can it run in background or it needs to be on top?
Other than that impressive utility!

Wallpaper Juggler downloads, automatically cycles high-res images from InterfaceLift (Download Squad)

Jan 1st 2010 1:43AM Maybe a little off topic, but anyone know of an app to download images from RSS Feeds?

Seb's 10 greatest, geekiest and most awesome things of 2009 (continued) (Download Squad)

Jan 1st 2010 1:42AM Shall I add The Known Universe by AMNH?

As well as the aumented reality stuff, though I guess that may do for the list of 2010.

Free tool makes managing your Windows 7 library settings easier (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2009 7:53PM Since Libraries arrived I´ve been wondering if there is a way to
port something similar to windows xp or to the USB. I guess maybe a
little app that could create a folder* that automatically scans the
drive/s (each time is openned) and displays the files filtered by
extensions like a windows folder would be really useful.
And if just like libraries you could define wich folders to scan it
shouldn´t take a lot to load as well as if it´s saves a index and
it just update* it each time.

Teamviewer 5 beta gets faster, adds voice and video conferencing (Download Squad)

Nov 28th 2009 2:58PM Since I haven´t tried both I can´t really compare them, but as far as I can tell TeamViewer works fine and as pointed out above you can use it for free for general non-commercial remote support.

Seems you missed the portable version
Also you can get a portable version from PortableApps and Liberkey.

Mozilla scores enterprise email win: 130,000 French government PCs switch to Thunderbird (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2009 4:39PM Great!
Anyway the real switch to open-source may be when Linux gets widely adopted. Then all the soft built-in MS like IE, Outlook will be in trouble.

@Phil Since it´s open source, I´m pretty sure there will be a fair alternative to Exchange or Lotus Notes, whether from a major Linux distribution or third party developers ;)

Congrats, citizens of Mozilla! Firefox population surpasses that of the United States (Download Squad)

Oct 28th 2009 1:36AM "Firefox checks for new versions every 24 hours, when it's running, and when it checks, it pings the Mozilla server. We count the number of pings."

BTW It would be interesting to know how this is affecting IE´s shares...
Got it :D