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Students Create Smartphone App Capable of Detecting Malaria (Switched)

Apr 9th 2011 2:45PM No edit? What is this, 2003? supposed you mean = suppose you meant

Students Create Smartphone App Capable of Detecting Malaria (Switched)

Apr 9th 2011 2:44PM Truly amazing. By Windows 7, I supposed you mean Windows Phone 7?

Angry Birds Rio catapults into webOS App Catalog (Download Squad)

Apr 9th 2011 2:36PM WebOS got this before my Windows Phone 7? *pulls out violin*

Report: Mississippi under fire for considering KKK leader and Confederate hero on license plate (Autoblog)

Feb 16th 2011 4:53PM I don't want to see the government print license plates affiliated with this person.

If you want to put a bumper sticker on your car, fine. But I don't want our government printing license plates of their defeated enemy, not just a slave owner, but a man who made his fortune as slave trader. This man is responsible for an enormous amount of human misery.

It would disgrace our government and the citizens of MS to honor him with a state issued license plate.

Video: Your yearly fix of Porsche 911 GT3 rally action (Autoblog)

Dec 28th 2010 10:12PM Wow, that was an amazing video. The driver certainly showed fatigue, but who wouldn't?

And did he really propose to her at the finish line / winner's circle / whatever? Um, awesome!

Facebook Photos gets a resolution boost and new viewer (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2010 10:39AM Sounds like a good place to use Google's new, smaller file format.

Prototype of robot that develops emotions on interacting with humans officially complete (Engadget)

Aug 14th 2010 12:50PM I'd like to spend a month at a lab with this thing. Imprinting my personality on him. I would name him zero one. He would be the foundation of my robotic army.

Apple supply manager arrested for wire fraud, money laundering (Engadget)

Aug 14th 2010 12:08PM The fool will go to prison, losing a well paying job, wreck his financials, and probably end his career in this field. I laugh at his misfortune, the corrupt piece of crap.

Google calls Oracle Android lawsuit 'baseless,' says Java goes 'beyond any one corporation' (Engadget)

Aug 13th 2010 4:39PM Oracle's CEO is a brilliant bastard. I doubt this case is so baseless. Either way, Oracle's PR (with consumers, not businesses) is going to go in the toilet for this.