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Ok, now Google is just screwing with us... (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 7:33PM I don't know... Commodore might not be a joke:

LaCie Huby designer USB and FireWire hub (

Dec 1st 2006 8:34AM Totally hot... Although I'm not sure how well the fan and light will work once the hub is rolled down to accommodate said half-dozen principals. Still, anytime a company puts some actual thought into their design process it's usually a good thing. That's part of the reason we love Macs right?

NY Times plugs Zune: Shining in the shadow of iPod (

Nov 14th 2006 8:12AM I agree with part of what Dave (#6) that the WiFi sharing aspect is pretty much useless if there are no other Zunes (or more preferably, WiFi enabled iPods) floating around. But I disagree with him on the three play rule. Look, musicians don't make this stuff for free people, and you can pretty much forget the labels dropping their insistence on DRM, so I think this works well within the system--you can discover some new music, and if you like it go BUY it--God for bid you spend 99 cents.

That said, the WiFi on the Zune fails miserably in that you can't use it to buy music directly with the Zune or sync it to your computer wirelessly. So, yeah, it misses the mark. (Plus, it still looks ugly to me.)

NY Times plugs Zune: Shining in the shadow of iPod (

Nov 13th 2006 4:47PM You can Microsoft bash all you want, but the ability to locate other Zunes and wirelessly exchange content is huge, and if Apple doesn't copy it I'll buy a player that does--even if the Zune does look like a clunky, boxy version of the iPod.

New AppleCare packaging - get that same comprehensive care in a sleek new box (

Oct 25th 2006 11:50AM Just to pile on here--maybe Apple will listen? (Doubt it.) Any packaging for AppleCare is ludicrous. They should just email you the damn registration number, and be done with it--no fuss, no muss, and no paper waste. Trees saved, hugged, etc.

BREAKING NEWS: Apple recalls 1.1 million batteries (

Aug 24th 2006 1:40PM It also covers 700,000 batteries sold overseas.

Weird Al: "Don't Download This Song" (

Aug 24th 2006 1:24PM Ummm.... Apple is recalling 1.8 million batteries and I'm looking at Weird Al?