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Amazon lightning deal: 4GB Xbox Kinect bundle with $100 credit (Joystiq)

Jun 27th 2011 1:26PM hmm, between all the promotions worldwide, MS seems to be liquidating those 4GB units and bundles. You would think they were trying to dry up the supply chain so they could put out some serious holiday bundles with big time price cuts. Maybe they'll introduce something north of 250GB.

Report: LulzSec hacking group releases thousands of account logins, includes Xbox Live and Facebook [update] (Joystiq)

Jun 17th 2011 7:27PM It's accurate yet misleading at the same time. hmmm....

Why didn't you put Amazon as the graphic? If you followed their twitter account, that seemed to be the most exploited as folks were sending lot's o'gifts.

The accounts came from another database but because people like to use the same creds across services, other... nevermind. Clearly you'll get your hits.

Rise of Nightmares preview: Right foot forward (Joystiq)

Jun 10th 2011 11:57PM Looks interesting. Hope there's a demo as the youtube videos make it seem pretty fun.

I don't think "on rails" automatically means a game sucks and can't be fun, but I'm glad sega is finding unique ways to use Kinect.

Now bring me some Child of Eden

Star Wars Kinect preview: Force flail (Joystiq)

Jun 8th 2011 10:07PM Still would like to try this. I didn't buy the whole "On Rails" = bad and no buttons is so not cool meme.

So far there's a bit of a mix coming out of E3. But everyone seems to say they need to optimize speed a bit, so hopefull these folks fit that.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet preview: UFO catcher (Joystiq)

Jun 8th 2011 7:23PM Looks like Summer of Arcade will be another good one. Bravo Xbox team!

Fable: The Journey preview: Speak and spell (Joystiq)

Jun 8th 2011 10:21AM I love the world of Albion. My only real disappointment for Fable 3 was that it wasn't very long. Fable 2 is my favorite.

I'm skeptical about this, but if they have a nice story, Albion is recognizable and it's fun... I'll give it a try. I'm not too worried about 'on rails' and whatnot... just want it to be engaging, fun and to tell a great story.

Take a closer look at the Wii U's crazy controller (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2011 2:35PM I think it holds alot of potential. Pricepoint, how devs tap into it and obviously a range of games will be important.
It seems like it could leverage much of the peripherals/accessories folk s have already bought for their Wiis... which could be a selling point.

Wii U games revealed (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2011 1:25PM @Dark Archon PSN Archonik XBL Dar

I think they won hands' down.
It was all Nintendo or Sony's to win. Xbox is having a 'bridge' year so I guess they'll come back with a vengeance next year.. they have to show something of hardware.

Sony's and Xbox was alright... they needed to get their messages across regarding their corp strategies. Nintendo needed to "wow" and I think they did that. New Hardware can trump all... they did that.

This is what the Wii U looks like (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2011 1:19PM I think Nintendo hit a homerun. That's cool tech and some nice commitments from devs.

They'll have stuff for everyone from casual to hardcore. MS has their work cut out for themselves going into 2012 holiday. Depending on whatelse is shown and getting a chance to demo it myself, Nintendo may get me back into the fold after 10+ years. Very cool indeed.