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The Platform is the Message (Blog Maverick)

Aug 17th 2008 4:44AM The last times I put on the TV was during world and euro soccership - on my laptop because the quality was better than the one online. And the last time I really had my TV on? the last olympics. This olympics I am cursing all the German channel (which are live in many cases and do not have that advertising you dread) because they make it so hard to find.

If I had the choice between already in my household HDTV on demand with a Tivo having all the decisions recorded versus hunting them down on youtube & co and only seeing people having them recorded in front of their TV, would i choose the HDTV? Of course I would.

That is like asking somebody if he would prefer a home cooked meal with his favourites vs. a plastic sandwhich out of a vending machine.

Besides of course pushing your agenda you are right - people want different experiences. Just like going to the movie is not preferable over being in a great home theater, it is build for people who have the home theater.

Is there a market? Of course. Is there a market for HDTV sport? Even more so.

But is everybody alike and will fall just for that? No.

How to upgrade to first class (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Apr 5th 2008 8:02PM Rather than calling all the time plus also to have an information available on how full a flight is etc one has of course a subscription to http://expertflyer.com (at least if you live in the states and fly more frequently there)

Should Google, Yahoo, Mahalo, etc. ban affiliate links? (or "Will the FTC ban undisclosed affiliate links for us all?") (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Feb 29th 2008 2:31PM I use affiliate links for a very simple reason: to be able to display product photos for illustration, as I cannot otherwise. I usually say somewhere in the post 'using affiliate links for usage of photos', but not religiously.

As you list up all the cases above, it is not that easy as black and white, and seriously i do not have a good idea what to do or not with it.

Moonlight: Out of the Past (AOL TV)

Nov 25th 2007 7:14PM I think we should have a box to tick for being female or male ... who cares if the plot has wholes? Since when do guys care for the storyline as long as the babes are hot?

This is our eye candy and I agree with the other women in here- we don't care what they do as long as they give us enough of Alex. *g*

Alex O'Loughlin: In the Limelight - VIDEO (AOL TV)

Nov 25th 2007 6:15PM Thanks so much for turning me onto moonlight - I was searching for something else, read the comparison to Angel and oh boy, is this one yummi. And a very nice actor too, just a whole great package.

And while I think that he is in fact a bit too young to play Bond now, he will be a gorgeous choice in just a few years. And that voice ... sorry, I have to go watch that interview again ;)

Taking the payola out of DEMO-ing: The TechCrunch 20 Conference (or, I'm back in the conference business baby!) (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jan 31st 2007 7:31PM Jason, I think it is a great idea. And coming from Europe I not only second the wish for virtual attendence but als ask for some more useful timeslots so we can join in as well.

As for R.J - sure you had your ways of using the publicity of being the demogod - but there is only one. And there are other ways to leverage this, and to get your kind of contacts - well you can travel to quite some conferences with that money.

I am not dismissing that it works for some people, but it is alwaqys good to have alternatives.

Doctor Who news -- new partner, Daleks, rumors and more (AOL TV)

Jan 7th 2007 2:44PM I would love if the current doctor stays, because he plays the role absolutly wonderful.

It is the first doctor which makes a believable turn from crazy to serious, from cold to full of feelings.

Torchwood: Combat (AOL TV)

Jan 3rd 2007 10:39AM btw is there a reason why most torchwood postings of newer date do not have the tag for torchwood so they cannot be found when clicking on the link in the overview?

Bookworm Adventures - Today's Time Waster (Download Squad)

Dec 9th 2006 6:50AM I usually do not like those games because my knowledge of english words is somehow limited - especially the more exotic word. Translated versions on the other side very often have very funny understanding of my language as in "that is supposed to be a word but this not? Are you kidding me??"

So I would love to see such a game in a good translation to have more fun. :(

Firefox on the rise in Europe (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2006 7:16PM Firefox-Users on my German blogs are sometimes up to 45%, the general number ranges more like 35%. I hear so from a lot of my friends.

Normal users may stay away from Firefox - if they had a choice. Every computer I have to support in my family only runs Firefox and IE is crippled so they do not use the other browser. :o)

I did btw just record an audio interview with Tristan Nitot of Mozilla Europe about the rise and success of Firefox in Europe where he talks a bit about why he thinks Firefox is so much higher in use than in the US.


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