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Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 7:47PM Hey "guy/gal " do yourself and "your computer" a favor...uninstall Comodo everything and then go over here to www.scanwith.com look for "Avast beta 5"..yes it's still being tested but it's way ahead of '' any product" by Comodo.

A benefit of which is you get too use the latest flavor for free while it's in beta, oh and it took about 5 version releases before I would even use their beta myself ( It's ready now ....oh is it ever) Now let's see if it stays free like Avast said "Home Version" would.

Wait till you try to get rid of that wacky "firewall" you'll have to download a CMD (comand line file) and execute it to clean your machine of it "which is bad software code creating. I know this because I used too trust Comodo also back in the day. Till I found out all the "crap you had to go through" to get rid of just their firewall. Windows firewall is Ok and all you really need XP SP 3 Vista's is better and Windows 7 is even better most don't like the fact that there is no "out bound " control but this can be configured with "rules" under advanced. I'm not going to tell you you have to use something else it's your computer "your putting yourself at risk." I don't know where you surf...and really don't care.

But don't get in a "mine is bigger" match with these "cats" it's not a crime to not know the only crime is once you find out....not being willing to address the issue(s). I wish you happy computing anyway. I usually wouldn't take the time to write a comment to someone...but if I can save one computer from having to be "recovered after a malware attack" . (Or restored from DVD)

I've done my "deed" for the day. Now you do what you will "Guy/Gal " but don't say no one "warned you". May you enjoy your day. And remember "we're not here to pick on anyone" we all are just trying to keep everyone who reads this blog informed.

Keeping your OS patched isn't enough (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2009 2:35PM Why anybody who actually has the ability to "update their own computer" is still using Adobe Reader is beyond me...PDF -X is the best alternative PDF reader going now it's a must have upgrade from Adobe Reader...but as usual if its popularity becomes mainstream it will be a target of hackers as well.

Corporate workers are usually locked into Adobe Reader by their system administrators who have to "test" all updates for compatibility to apps on their networks...which is why somethings just don't get patched in a timely way.

A really good set of sites to bookmark if you don't have it already done is : www.filehippo.com and also www.snapfiles.com (where you can find and download PDF - X reader and put that Adobe Reader where it really belongs in the "Recycle Bin" for good....

You have to have Adobe Flash but you choose to have Adobe Reader....and I choose to remove it from every machine I administer. Waiting for "Silverlight" to take off and get popular enough that we can chuck "Adobe Flash" as well....now granted they have (Adobe) been a great deal more concerned with getting folks to keep their Adobe Flash versions current by sending Update Messages to users which is sort of strange the first time I actually saw the update arrive.

I had to verify it first as should always be the case. But that's what they should be doing. Funny thing though is some people will "still blow it off", and risk getting exploited...due to their behavior not Adobe's.

It's official, there's a crapload of malware on the Internet (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2009 10:01AM http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9136667/IE8_whips_rivals_in_blocking_malware_sites

Enough said !!!!! Firefox please.....don't get me started. Didn't need any crappy add-ons either. It does itself fresh from install. Have a "good day".

New threat targets DirectShow component via Internet Explorer (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2009 1:30PM No software is flawless as it's a product of human effort.

Visit http://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/ for flaws that afflict Firefox.Visit also http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/Security-Report-Ignites-Firefox-vs-Internet-Explorer-Feud/ for a report on which browser has a monopoly on vulnerabilities.

New threat targets DirectShow component via Internet Explorer (Download Squad)

Jul 6th 2009 5:09PM That exploit is only viable on XP and Lesser Os of Windows per Computer World. It affects Direct X but only with XP and older Windows Os (Is it Viable) not Vista or Windows 7 so please stop beating up on Internet Explorer and telling folks to use another browser if Microsoft deemed it truly dangerous they would be throwing an "out of cycle patch", which hasn't shown up yet. stop beating the "drums of fear". Scaring folks into using Firefox which has needed more patches per cycle then Internet Explorer.