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Hugh Hefner Introduces His Newest Girlfriend: Shera Bechard (PopEater)

Jun 28th 2011 12:24PM They are all jockeying for position to see who gets the last gold ring (not a wedding ring). Something tells me it won't be too long.

Time to Turn Off National Anthem Before Sports Events (Fanhouse - Kevin Blackistone)

Feb 9th 2011 10:31AM The National Anthem is a way of reminding those that don't defend this country that there are people who are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect them. It sounds like Blackistone is a French muslim. It reminds me of the bumper sticker that was common in the South - "if your heart isn't in Dixie, then get your ass out". For Blackistone: if your heart isn't in America, then get your ass out!

Howard Stern Again Accuses Jay Leno of Stealing Jokes (PopEater)

Jan 17th 2011 4:53PM Howard Stern or Larry Flynt; a turd is a turd no matter what you name it....

Flight Attendant Blows His Top, Yells at Passengers and Bolts Down Emergency Slide (AOL Travel News)

Aug 10th 2010 9:36AM I really hate the rush to get off the plane. Even before the plane reaches the gate, people are standing up and pulling there bags down from the overhead bin. I just sit and wait till the rush is over. It might take an extra five minutes but it's well worth not being trampled in the stampede.

I can understand his frustration. He would have probably gotten away with it except for activating the emergency slide. That would require a new slide or repacking the old one before the plane could continue on it's route.

Richard Blumenthal, Conn. Senate Hopeful, Never Served in Vietnam, Despite Claims (Politics Daily)

May 18th 2010 9:08AM Politics as ususal. I'm a genuine, in country, Vietnam vet and I'm incensed by the ones that claim service there when they didn't even come close. The nature of a lie is you have to make more to cover up the first one. Where does it stop? Connecticut; do the right thing and do not elect a liar.

Is the Free Ride Over at Hulu? (BloggingStocks)

Feb 2nd 2010 12:24PM WHAT'S A HULU????

Danica Patrick Perfume Coming Soon (StyleList (Main))

Dec 27th 2009 10:40AM What's her fragrance supposed to smell like? Motor oil and exhaust fumes?

Should the U.S. sue Balloon Boy's dad for $2.8 billion in lost productivity? (DailyFinance)

Oct 25th 2009 8:27PM Seriously.... don't you have more productive things you can do than try to figure out some assine figure that no one cares about? You're as big a waste as Heene. Find something useful to write about or is that not part of your job description.

The new Ted Turner misses the old (DailyFinance)

Oct 20th 2009 9:18AM I don't know if many people remember this, but back in the 60's, Ted Turner owned Channel 18 in Charlotte, NC. The station was nearly bankrupt and on the verge of shutting down when Ted, or someone working for him, came up with the idea of a telethon begging money from viewers to keep it afloat. It worked and as far as I know the station is still operating today, but under new ownership I'm sure. In other words, don't feel sorry for him being down to his last billion or so. He has a knack for pulling a plum out of his butt when he needs to.

Sharpton, Jackson Attack Limbaugh's Rams Bid (Fanhouse NFL Blog)

Oct 13th 2009 10:40AM News Flash!!! Obama just finished watching a college football game and he is being awarded the Heisman Trophy.