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The 12 best apps for your new Android device (Download Squad)

Jan 1st 2011 11:57PM I like dropbox, but that is only 2GB for free
SurgarSync is 5GB, and with each person you refer you get 500MB more!
I also find the desktop app more advanced than Dropbox.

CamScanner is pretty sweet (also free now) and pretty good at sending off PDFs in a pinch

Clockr and Calendr are great minimalist clock and calendar widgets

Blackbox i10 noise cancelling earbuds tap into iPod / iPhone dock connector for power, pleasure (Engadget)

Jul 23rd 2010 2:59PM more reason to drain the battery + not have a way to charge

Meta-iPod cleans up your iTunes with tons of features (Download Squad)

Jun 15th 2009 9:02PM you probably want to try sharepod
similar features and it's portable

Engadget endorses Monster Cable? Uh, hell no. (Engadget)

Apr 17th 2009 4:14PM haha the irony...

who just got the email from TigerDirect about Monster products??

Microsoft reveals more changes from Windows 7 beta to RC (Download Squad)

Mar 13th 2009 12:00PM I loved the ditch of the parent folder, because vista simply changed it to a shortcut key alt-up. I've been fine using the key in w7 beta7000, and the button won't change the habbit.
Using XP is horrible if you've gotten used to the new shortcuts

Circuit City fails to be wanted, will now be liquidated (Engadget)

Jan 16th 2009 11:30AM I just lost my job...

Hello liquidators...

The hovering Multiple Kill Vehicle is simply a waking nightmare (Engadget)

Dec 8th 2008 8:54PM Give me the remote!
This thing would pwn at robot wars

Compaq's Presario CQ70: lots of screen, not a lot of dough (Engadget)

Oct 9th 2008 9:12PM Chill out -
what I was getting at with the HP model is that it is exact same build as the Compaq. I agree with the merger of HP and Compaq has made Compaq have lower quality components. The unintelligent part is not noticing that these computers are really all the same, especially when you compare an HP to a Compaq, and this Compaq is an example of it.
The douchebag was just uncalled for.

Compaq's Presario CQ70: lots of screen, not a lot of dough (Engadget)

Oct 9th 2008 8:33AM Yeah these are pretty popular since they've shown up (I work at circuit city). Though I usually get people over to HP's new G60-120us which is only $30 more but has the new 15.6" screen (with a full keyboard crammed) and an HDMI jack. This Compaq isn't really all that great - but every unintelligent person just wants a cheap laptop.

Speed reading with Zap Reader and Spreeder (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2007 10:54AM A double entry??? You guys wrote about Spreeder in August...


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