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Google Traffic Maps... (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Mar 6th 2007 8:20PM This is a great addition to google maps, but in California I prefer sigalert. For LA and the SF Bay Area they offer very detailed real-time speed data as well as more information on the cause of slowdowns. My review is here.

Data impermanence - how much old data are you carrying around, and why? (Download Squad)

Jan 11th 2007 10:18PM Jason, great timing on the question. I just ocmpleted a purge of old papers (did you know that you can get banker's boxes shredded for under $10 a box?) and was contemplating the electronic equivalent. I have data on my ancient PB that I always meant to transfer to my G3 - and more on the G3 that that never transitioned to my PCs. This is in addition to the 100s of GBs of PC data archived on CD, DVDs and external hard drives. Laziness will likely prevail.

Google officially launched WiFi in Mountain View (Download Squad)

Aug 16th 2006 5:07PM As I noted in a post last night, I have gotten close to 1Mbps up and down outside with line-of-site and distances