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Black Friday Giveaways (part 19): Wii + Metroid Prime 3 and more (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2007 5:02AM My boy would love this for x-mas!!

Black Friday Giveaways (part 15): Pioneer HDJ-1000 (Engadget)

Nov 23rd 2007 6:40PM gimme gimme gimme!

Black Friday Giveaways (part 12): Sony PSP (Engadget)

Nov 23rd 2007 2:29PM I needs me a PSP!!!!!!!!!!!

Everex's $200 gPC back in stock at Wal-Mart (Engadget)

Nov 21st 2007 10:14AM Well I guess they could have went ahead and spent more money/time/engineering efforts on using a smaller case, but in the end they really would have used even more energy on the production side if they would have used less materials on a smaller case. Besides, it having a regular ATX case means that when the board thats in it fails (or when the user decides to upgrade) they wont have to buy a special board to do so.

Everex's $200 gPC back in stock at Wal-Mart (Engadget)

Nov 21st 2007 9:57AM I think some of you are missing the point about the whole performance issue. This box is geared at people that don't have any computer or any computer experience. As for the hardware specs, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE GREEN!!! Sure you can have a 3ghz P4 with all the nice bells and whistles for around the same price as this. That same P$ machine will probably consume 3 times as much energy!

Ask Engadget: Which mouse is the best mouse? (Engadget)

Nov 10th 2007 7:45PM 7 year old microsoft intellimouse optical FTW!!!

But seriously, ive had this mouse since my 7 year old was born and it just keeps on kickin. I bought a newer one for my main machine and this one is a bit of a floater but primarily for the occasional laptop gaming spree.

Format war gets more warlike (Engadget)

Nov 7th 2007 8:09PM hahahaha whirlpool owns maytag.... hahaha

Everex's $199 green PC: attention ignorant Wal-Mart shoppers (Engadget)

Oct 31st 2007 12:42PM Why all the hate? Given the general ignorance of most wal mart shoppers, this should sell like hot cakes! The benefits of these going at least somewhat mainstream are pretty substantial.
1. a computer that uses waaay less power than the average pc.
2. many more lesser well off people will be able to have a pc.
3. many more people will get exposure to linux.
4. via will sell more giving them a more prominent role in the processor market.
5. other processor manufacturers will be encouraged to compete in the low power arena.
6. competition always = good for the consumer.

this is all of course if it takes off. Me personally, I would buy one just for the mobo/ram/hdd/psu. Could make a decent little media box.