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TUAW review and giveaway: Just Mobile AluPen stylus (

Dec 9th 2010 12:22AM Animation Creation would be awesome with this!

RapidWeaver 5.0: TUAW exclusive first look and promo code giveaway (

Dec 2nd 2010 12:02AM I would love to use this to create websites for my different bands that I manage.

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW (

May 3rd 2010 6:28PM I've been holding out for a second or third generation iPad (mostly for financial reasons, but also because I figure the second or third version should come with a lot of great improvements that will give me more bang for my buck) but who can say no to a free one?

Great contest, TUAW! Best of luck to everyone.

DooID lets you easily post your contact details in style (Download Squad)

Mar 19th 2010 2:15PM I just tried out - a similar service with (what I think is) a beautifully minimalistic approach, but many customization options. Worth a look, in my opinion.

Road Tested: Mophie Juice Pack Air (

Jun 13th 2009 4:45PM As the communications director for a non-profit that works with young people, I'm always on the go trying the spread the message about how brilliant and resilient our kids are - this often means flying around the country to conferences to share their stories with people who are interested in their work. As a bit of an Apple fanboy myself, I've owned each generation of the iPhone, and I'm now waiting for my 3GS. These have been a blessing on my travel days, allowing me to check my email and surf the web when I'm at an airport, or to watch movies or play games when I'm in the air. Sometimes I'll let one of the kids traveling with me to use my iPhone to play games and stay entertained. Having a Juice Air Pack would be a blessing within a blessing, as this often means that my iPhone 3G is pretty drained by the time we get to wherever we're headed. As soon as we hit the hotel, I usually head straight to the room to plug in. I've been reading this blog for some time now, and have become a huge fan. Thanks for the posts, and this contest, and keep up the good work!