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New MacBook Pro benchmarked within Boot Camp (

Nov 19th 2008 10:43AM How are the switchable graphics chipsets handled in XP/Vista? I haven't installed Windows on my new MBP yet.

Terminal Tips: Make hidden Dock icons transparent (

Aug 22nd 2008 7:51AM Works for me. Maybe it's Leopard only?

Wii gets rechargeable battery packs with Sanyo's Eneloop (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2008 8:52AM Far better idea: Get a pack of rechargeable batteries and a 15-minute charger.

Internet Explorer 8 renders Acid 2 successfully (Download Squad)

Dec 20th 2007 8:37AM Yeah, Firefox 2 doesn't pass. Firefox 3 will, though.

Internet Explorer 8 renders Acid 2 successfully (Download Squad)

Dec 20th 2007 8:32AM Standards Mode refers to the mode that browsers go into after parsing out the DOCTYPE tag at the top of (responsibly written) HTML documents. When this line is absent, the browsers go into what is called Quirks Mode, which is basically the browser doing whatever it pleases. Nothing fishy about saying that the test only renders correctly in Standards Mode -- that'll be true of any browser.

Engadget's Cleaning Out Our Closet Contest (Engadget)

Aug 16th 2006 5:43PM 9. Philips Norelco 6in1 Professional Grooming Kit - Because I have a big crush on my hairdresser and I want my hair to be neatly cut when I, er, go to have her cut it...?