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Internet Explorer 7 sucks on standards (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 11:44PM The IE vs Firefox war is really fueled much by Microsoft's dominant upper-hand in the OS market. The majority of PC users use Microsoft and, thus, also use the included browser. Much of these people using the MS operating system are not familiar with other operating systems or what an OS really is. Why would you expect them to be familiar with the idea that there are other browsers besides Internet Explorer?

Having said that, I believe many of the "80%" of IE users have no idea what other browsers like Firefox have to offer. Those of us that have made the switch realize the vast superiority of Firefox in terms of features, security, and standards compatibility. But, we also realized Firefox existed in the first place.

Just because the majority of users use IE does not mean it should be the standard. The unfortunate truth is Microsoft's operating system is the most popular and they have a complimentary web browser that goes with it. Ignorant web users do not choose which browser to use, they simply use the one they are given.