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Panasonic app uses AR to place your new big screen dreams (TUAW.com)

Apr 29th 2011 5:53PM Haha, I just love that he keeps randomly nodding at his phone, like there's some voice in his head talking to him.

Come and get it: Chevy Volt available nationwide by end of the year (Autoblog)

Jan 27th 2011 7:49PM Although you probably don't care about facts or reason, Consumer Reports recently tested a 9 year old prius with over 200k miles and found the mileage to be about the same as it was when the vehicle was new.


The whole batteries wearing out thing is extremely overplayed.

Quick Spin: Audi Quattro Concept (Autoblog)

Dec 9th 2010 5:52PM This car looks amazing. I have a 2004 S4, and for the past year I've been saying that I'd love to have a smaller, lower version, that was just a two door. Not a TT, but a true, high horsepower sports coupe. Then they showed off this, and I just LOVE it. It's exactly what I was thinking I wanted!

If these go into production, one way or another, I'll buy one. As long as it's not as expensive as an R8 (because I'd have a hard time not just getting the R8 at that point).

Orbox B is a fast, tricky Time-Waster (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 8:13PM I used to play this game in Flash Lite on my old Windows Mobile HTC tilt!

I loved it, and that was many years ago. (funny how tech can go two steps forward and one step back). I would LOVE to be able to play it again! I'm sure it would run in flash on my nexus one, but an actual Android port would be *awesome*.


Soluto/DLS Giveaway: Try the new beta, tweet for a free t-shirt (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2010 7:24PM My first thought as well. Thanks, internet.

Google's Chrome OS may launch on November 11 (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2010 5:02PM Me want google tablet. Make it android or chrome OS, I don't much mind as long as they do it right. Haven't seen an android tablet done quite right yet.

Spy Shots: First photos of 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle (Autoblog)

Oct 4th 2010 4:11PM It looks like a cross between the original New Beetle and a PT cruiser.
So... Ugly as hell.

And I agree with the guy above. No Scirocco, but they want to give us this?

I'm not big on VWs because they all seem a little goofy lately, but I'd have a Scirocco for sure.

If they want to kick the funk image their brand has, they need to stop making cars like this beetle and start making more like the Scirocco.


Audi Quattro concept celebrates 30th anniversary of original (Autoblog)

Sep 29th 2010 5:31PM This looks awesome to me.
I've been thinking I'd love a smaller version of my S4. A two door coupe but not slow and goofy like an A3, and not as long as an S5. Something like the BMW 1 Series.

This pretty much fits that perfectly. Extremely high performance, low weight, good form factor. This car would be amazing if they made it!

Report: Porsche returning to the Detroit Auto Show (Autoblog)

Sep 16th 2010 3:49PM @Fletchguy

You're not getting it... Few people who might buy a Porsche would buy a mustang instead, so they are not competitors. This isn't about cars that can keep up in a race - its about competition in the market.