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Microsoft releases Windows Vista SP2 (Download Squad)

Jun 4th 2009 1:42PM I have an HP media friendly PC. It's always worked brilliantly! Until...
SP2 arrived via windows update notification, so I agreed to install it.
Big mistake.
It took hours to update/install.
Upon reboot all appeared OK, until I tried to do some Media stuff. It appeared that the update messed with my device drivers and some things stop working (one eg. my wireless mouse and keyboard)
Also, I use MS Office 2003 and in Excel I tried to copy a cell from one location to another. It froze my PC for about 20 sec. when I pressed Ctrl-C. Then another 20 sec. when I pressed Ctrl-V.
I thought maybe a reboot would help iron out some of the problems, but the shutdown took forever and then the dreaded BSOD greeted my because their was an error with my USB drivers (maybe a link to the wireless mouse and keyboard problem).
Upon rebooting my PC was slower. Task manager was having problems as Windows Explorer crashed and had to reload several times. Wireless mouse worked, then stopped working.
Upon rebooting my PC got even slower. Again wireless worked, then just stopped. I started to think I had a virus, but I didn't (unless you call SP2 a virus). I tried to run System Restore, but because of Explorer's problems it wouldn't load. Again, slow reboot climaxing with BSOD.
Restarted in Safe Mode. Ran System Restore and got rid of SP2. This took about an hour, but was worth it.
My PC now runs brilliantly as before.