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Mozilla F1 adds bit.ly account support, improves security (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2011 12:14PM @Bryan Price I couldn't get it working either. I just get a blank space when I click on it.

10+ great add-ons that only work with Firefox 4 (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2011 1:39PM Instead of Barlesque I would recommend Firefox 4 UI Fixer as it lets you move all your status bar buttons around so I have mine in the top right next to the search box, much like Chrome does.

My favourite search addon is Scroll Search Engines which lets you mouse wheel over the search box to change search provider. The best thing is when you highlight something and right click to do the context search you can use the scroll wheel there as well. Brilliant. (Although it's currently not compatible with FF4 all it takes is a quick bump to the max version and it works perfectly.)

Finally, I like the idea of App Tabs but mine don't stick when you restart the browser. I wouldn't use them if I had to set them up every time. I had heard it might be a conflict with TabMix Plus but even when I disable that it still doesn't work. Anyone esle have the same problem?

Android 2.3 Gingerbread available to Nexus One users "in the next few days" (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2010 11:37AM Wonder how long I'll have to wait for this seeing as I only got 2.2 on my Galaxy S last week!

Opera 11 debuts: screenshots and direct download links inside! (Download Squad)

Oct 21st 2010 5:30AM Why are browsers all copying the same interface?

DLS Review: BeejiveIM for Android rocks your instant messaging world (Download Squad)

Oct 19th 2010 1:50PM I wish you'd stated the cost at the start to save me reading the rest of the article

ComicRack, eComic reader and library management (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2010 12:25PM I tried this a while back and liked it a lot at first but prolonged use revealed it to be slow and bloated.

Firefox 4 beta 5 pre introduces two-column menu (Download Squad)

Aug 24th 2010 10:25AM It's easier to use F11 go to fullscreen.

Work under way to add sidebars to Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Jul 5th 2010 1:24PM I like to have my bookmarks in the sidebar on Firefox for easy access

If you hated yesterday's forced-wallpapering of Google Search, you weren't alone (Download Squad)

Jun 11th 2010 3:36PM You can't do I'm feeling lucky in the integrated search bar. Plus the text of what you searched for stays in the box for all to see.

Windows 7 Folder Background Changer personalizes Explorer views (Download Squad)

Jun 7th 2010 4:57PM i Just discovered a totally simple way of doing it with no extra programs at all. Open your folder, right click anywhere inside and click customize this folder. On the customise tab you can simply click change folder icon at the bottom and point it to the new .ico.

Here is a quick shot I did with the utorrent folder to illustrate:


This is on Windows 7 by the way.