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Ballot scren headed to XP, Vista, Opera worries about IE logo recognition (Download Squad)

Jul 28th 2009 10:30AM I love the Opera browser very much, but I really hate that they're doing this. There is no way this could help anyone, it just creates a lot of confusion.

Bing goes live...or is that Live goes Bing? (Download Squad)

Jun 1st 2009 3:16PM I find the Bing experience pretty similar to that of Google. It has some nice touches and small features, but not enough to make it really stand out, and they make it feel a bit cluttered. But, then again, Google has that big advantage of habbit. I've added Bing as search engine, but I'll probably not use it very much.

Curiously enough, though, the page didn't render well in IE8, whereas Opera rendered it perfectly. Is that just me, or did MS screw up?