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The Luckiest Bastards on the Web (Asylum)

Jun 13th 2009 5:31AM very good video, thanks to share with us,

'Web 2.0' Becomes Millionth English Word (Switched)

Jun 13th 2009 5:08AM this is all about web 2.0 terminology

The Global Language Monitor tracks the usage of words and phrases across billions of Web sites. When a word or phrase has been used over 25,000 times, the Language Monitor considers it to be a part of our language. "Web 2.0" apparently crossed that threshold at 5:22 a.m. EST on Wednesday, June 10th.

allmost good, Thanks to share here,

Audi adds new 1.6-liter TDI to European A3 lineup (Autoblog Green)

Jun 4th 2009 4:14AM Wow what a car, i have really impressed by the car picture, people love to see and ride it almost every where in the world,

Good :)

Microsoft's Bing 411 offers phone numbers, directions over the phone (Download Squad)

Jun 3rd 2009 7:38AM Yes i try it, i find it so creative and Colour full, may be in future bing will update some new feature that i can discover the new technologies on mobile web,

Bing goes live...or is that Live goes Bing? (Download Squad)

Jun 1st 2009 10:34AM Yes, I try it , nice one, perfect look, but still google is the best, hope in future it will be side by side with google