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Photo of the Day (12.20.10) (Gadling)

Dec 21st 2010 12:35AM I bet your wrong.

Denali doesn't allow cars on the park except one day out of the year when they hold a lottery to see who is allowed to drive in the park.

Everyone that tours the park does so on these buses and it is one of the reasons that you are far more likely to see wildlife at this park than most others. In addition the buses all stay in radio contact with each other alerting the other drivers of the location of wildlife along the roads.

Most likely this image was taken by someone on one of the bus tours during one of the stops.

Tosh.0 vs. Web Soup (AOL TV)

Jul 6th 2009 10:27PM I disagree with this article. Web Soup comes off as funny and Tosh.0 doesn't. Chris Hardwick is funny and charming where Tosh comes off as a bland host. The one thing that Tosh.0 has over web soup is that they bring on an internet celebrity each week but other than that it doesn't measure up. In addition to the hosts I think that Web Soup does a much better job of picking funny or interesting videos.

SXSW 2008 Schwag Unboxing (Download Squad)

Mar 7th 2008 10:18PM There were a total of 26000 schwag bags put together for SXSW this year. Every volunteer working the festival is required to attend the bag stuffing that occured last night.

The bag stuffing is like an olympic version of trick or treating with half the people walking up and down the lines of schwag while the other half stays stationary at each item putting one in each bag as the people walk by.

The setup for stuffing started at 8 am with the actual stuffing starting at 6pm and lasting until close to 10 pm.

Download Squad at SXSW (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2008 2:52PM I will be working registrations every morning. I look forward to seeing lots of DLS people.

Merry Christmas: win two round trip tickets on JetBlue + noise canceling headphones (Engadget)

Dec 25th 2007 5:43PM I would go to Washington DC to go hunt some lawyers with Cheney!

Browster 2.0 makes MySpace (barely) bearable (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 7:44AM Much like offline areas, myspace is only as bad as the company you keep. In real life there are certain people that if you get in their car you will be assaulted with loud music and maybe a gaudy air freshner hanging from the rear view mirror.

Myspace allows people to express themselves no matter how bad their tastes may be. While the interface itself is clunky at best you still shouldn't fault the site for its users' creations.
...and no, myspace isn't just for teens. I am in my thirties and frequent myspace and no, I am not an online predator. Many of my friends are on myspace and it has allowed me to track down friends from high school that I hadn't talked to in close to twenty years.

The power of myspace is the enormous number of users that it has. At one time or another almost everyone who has gotten online has gotten a myspace even those that aren't very technically savvy.