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The best Linux distro ever: the results (Download Squad)

Sep 23rd 2006 1:14PM Have been using Ubuntu for about 8 months now and have been blown away by the ease of use. I have used Debian before, so I guess it wasn't too difficult to adapt Ubuntu. Something like ubuntuguide.org helps newbies get started almost immediately. Long live Ubuntu!

Facebook + Yahoo! = $1 billion? (Download Squad)

Sep 22nd 2006 2:36PM I don't feel nice at all thinking about dot com busts. Is it deja vu ?

Flock CEO flies away (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2006 12:25AM Yes, use it as an extra browser if I have to check my other gmail accounts for instance. I feel its a lot faster. Sadly, these companies don't think about business model first and then design a product

ThisNext: Social shopping advice (Download Squad)

Sep 11th 2006 10:23PM Isn't this the same as epinions.com which came and went ?

Preview Kickoff, the new KDE start menu (Download Squad)

Aug 24th 2006 12:07AM Looks nice though I have never been a fan of KDE .. mostly because of the apps they have. Gnome has far better apps though KDE is far ahead in terms of UI and usability.

Googleholic for August 18th, 2006 (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2006 8:13AM Don't understand why Google reasoning behind a online office suite. I don't understand the usefulness of such a application. Microsoft Office is widespread enough to create/edit office docs wherever you go.

MySpace Videos surpasses YouTube (Download Squad)

Aug 17th 2006 12:05AM Yahoo has video too ? How could they be better than Youtube :)

Firefox use up to 13%, but growth could slow (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 10:14AM Very hard to increase the market share unless you have Firefox bundled through the PC manufacturers. Till then, Firefox is unknown entity for most of the people and will remain so.

Share advice, wisdom and knowledge with Videojug (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 2:40AM Nice.. but how the hell are they gonna make any money?

AOL to provide 5GB of online storage for free (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 2:19AM Always wanted something like this. I would ideally like it to be shareable (with & without the password). Quick uploads, no waiting times (like rapidshitshare & megasuckload). I just hope they don't screw up the opportunity which actually exists at this point of time