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Ask TUAW: Power adapters, Windows 7, iWork refresh, and more (TUAW.com)

Feb 4th 2010 10:40AM Have you tried to stream it from itunes? via shared library? Ive noticed that when playing back a bunch of HD videos on my macbook air all the quicktime movies stutter, and the itunes movie plays super smooth. I know its not the same test, but this makes me think that iTunes is being give priority over the hardware for whatever it is doing. If this is true, you might have success with iTunes versus Quicktime, or even front row, even though they are supposed to all use "quicktime" for playing content..

just a thought..good luck!

Is It Really So Wrong to Kiss Your Girlfriend's Friend on New Year's Eve? (Asylum)

Jan 5th 2010 11:56AM Dude...unless you are an actor, and you are in a MOVIE or PLAY. Kissing on the lips of ANYONE let alone TOUNGE is WAY WAY WAY inappropriate.

And really. the best way for your to realize this is to swap the scenario.

Lets say you watched your gf do the EXACT same thing to some friend of yours. would you be okay with it? as you watch her tongue touch the other dudes lips?

If you say YES, then i doubt you and your GF should be together. If you say NO. then you should understand reality and buy your GF a big present and hope things arnt awkward forever.


VLC for Mac in its dying throes due to lack of developers (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2009 8:55AM How about perian? The latest update gives even more codec support to quicktime. I almost never use VLC anymore.

and of course, this is the root problem with "open source" no real support, no real development, can die at any time.

Police Use Fake Facebook Profile to Bust Underage Drinkers -- Is it Legal? (Asylum)

Dec 4th 2009 3:34PM Actually.. The other issue, is that the kids apparently went to the police station just because they were contacted...This is a big NO NO.. THE police need to arrest you.. If they dont, they dont know who you are, or dont have enough evidence to get a warrant.

doing this, is the same thing as calling every number in the phone book and telling the person, I know you did something illegal, come down to the station and get taken care of.

Police Use Fake Facebook Profile to Bust Underage Drinkers -- Is it Legal? (Asylum)

Dec 4th 2009 3:30PM UMMM...I'm sorry... Im pretty sure there is a reasonable doubt that if someone is holding a glass, or cup, or even BEER BOTTLE in their hand in a picture that it is NOT actually Liquor, let alone that they actually drank it...

I cant think of how many times my friends and I have made stupid poses with bottles in hand that were EMPTY!!!

Its not like there is video evidence of them killing someone... you cant even prove they consume alcohol from a picture.

There is NO WAY this is legal.. The police might be able to use the picture to launch and investigation, and or get a warrant, since there is probable cause that this person is doing something illegal, but to actually convict them? Not even close.. If these guys have a half-way decent lawyer they will be safe..

Comcast and NBC Universal: Behold a $37 billion colossus (DailyFinance)

Dec 3rd 2009 8:46AM Give me a break... TV advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs...forget about the fact that the original intention of cable was to NOT HAVE advertising by paying for subscription services.

This deal will hurt consumers..lets hope it doesnt go through.

When are we going to get 100% pure on demand pay per show and/or subscriptions based on ONLY the content we want???

I dont want home shopping network, or any spanish chanel, or 10 news networks....and I dont want to pay for it either.

YouTube pulls a Hulu -- yanking API access from Popcorn Hour (Update: Google responds) (Engadget)

Nov 20th 2009 12:24PM What about Apple TV??? is support going to continue?

Facebook app developer rejects App Store, irony ensues (Engadget)

Nov 12th 2009 11:23AM " As you know, there is no approval process for the world wide web (which is apparent if you've spent any time on Geocities back in the day). Way to give 'em hell, Joe"

While that is true, and I dont agree with Apple's somewhat broken App approval process.. Throwing a website up on Geocities has ZERO effect on the rest of the web.

Putting an app on the iphone has impace on the network its running on, and the entire device.

So there are substantial differences between your comment...

Hands-on with the new Apple Remote (TUAW.com)

Nov 6th 2009 4:41PM I think you can hold down the play pause for 5 seconds and it will put the ATV into standby

Google unveils new competitive threat to online real estate listings (BloggingStocks)

Nov 2nd 2009 5:08PM It seems this is just an updated feature set from Google.

"Since we announced the ability to see lots of real estate listings directly on Google Maps back in July, we've been working hard to make it even easier to use. As we've added new features and updated Google Maps,"

Directly from Googles website.


This isnt competition for real-estate listings. its just SEARCHING them.