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What ever happened to 360 faceplates? (Joystiq)

Dec 18th 2010 1:15AM When I worked at Gamestop, we had like seven hundred faceplates lying around. I don't think I sold a single one the whole time I worked there. Maybe it would have helped if they hadn't all been for terrible, terrible games.

Forza 3 'community choice classics' DLC adds 10 cars, hits Dec. 14 (Joystiq)

Dec 10th 2010 5:13PM So, this is actually the JALOPNIK Community Choice pack, I'm not sure why they dropped Jalopnik from the title. It's in the article, though.

All I give a hell about is the 99 Turbo, the 242 Turbo Evolution, and the El Camino...and I suppose the 2002, maybe.

Though I will be buying the DeLorean as hard as I possibly can.

Ubisoft stock experiences 'biggest drop' in over a decade (Joystiq)

Nov 17th 2010 12:13AM Not focusing on finally finishing that stupid BG&E sequel is definitely for worse...but I'd rather wait even longer than have it get cancelled because Ubisoft goes into impact mode.

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString review: God took rock 'n' roll from you (Joystiq)

Oct 28th 2010 9:01PM @BlueRajasmyk

That's not true. If they had built a decent game, they still wouldn't have "usurped" RB or GH. They'd have sold a few games, and they still would have been a distant third. If they had built a phenomenal game that was worth every penny, they might have rivaled RB/GH, but RB still would have been better.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock review: It's the same old song (Joystiq)

Sep 29th 2010 10:43PM @oJMan240o

You missed the bit in his comment about how ON DISC songs shouldn't be live, and I agree with him. Like you said, the Flight 666 stuff was DLC.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock review: It's the same old song (Joystiq)

Sep 29th 2010 10:41PM @darkinchworm

The difference is that the 5 guitar has a different mechanism under the strum bar. Basically, it's the mechanism from the GH3 Les Pauls. They went with some weird complicated switches for the GHWT guitars, which are pretty damn flimsy, and then went back to the simpler (but better feeling and more durable) setup from before.

Boy Scouts of America introduce video game belt loop and academics pins (Joystiq)

Apr 29th 2010 2:53AM The BSA is a private religious organization. They don't have to let homosexuals or atheists in if they don't want to. The first point in the Scout Oath is to do duty to God, and the last point in the Scout Law is Reverence. Saying they should let homosexuals and atheists in is the same as saying the Catholics should (officially) let them in, or Muslims, or what have you. None of the major religious creeds accept homosexuality, and even if one did, it wouldn't be enough to trump Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Now, to be clear, I have nothing against homosexuals and atheists, I'm just making the point that, based on the fact that they are a private religious group, they don't have to let them in. The big issue here is that the BSA wants federal money, but they still want to keep certain people out. That's wrong. Like I said, they can exclude whoever they want based on the God thing, but not if they're getting federal money. Then, they have to let everyone in.

I'm an Eagle Scout, by the way. I'm proud of it, but I'm not proud of the way the BSA has handled the issue of homosexuals. Atheism doesn't come up as much. If I had my way, everyone could get in, because the BSA needs all the good PR and extra members it can get.

PS, I had a lot of fun arguing about this with some of my Scoutmasters, most of which were hilariously right-wing. I loved telling them about how scientists have found lots of examples of homosexuality in animals, that always made them lock up for a few seconds.

Boy Scouts of America introduce video game belt loop and academics pins (Joystiq)

Apr 29th 2010 2:32AM This is a Cub Scout thing, so you wouldn't be able to get a merit badge anyway. Those are for Boy Scouts.

No DLC for Green Day: Rock Band (Joystiq)

Apr 14th 2010 1:15AM I was really really excited until I saw the tracklist. I was absolutely sure that a bunch of 39/Smooth tracks would be in there, because, you know, they'd actually be fun to play.

Then, I got excited again, because I realized that I could just wait until 39/Smooth was announced as DLC, and, by then, maybe the game would be a little cheaper.

So, I'm not excited anymore, no.

THQ sending Wii and DS players into The Last Airbender's 'world of bending' (Joystiq)

Apr 7th 2010 5:32PM Nah, the big Shyamalalalalan twist ending is that Kitara falls for Zuko.