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Jan 22nd 2011 11:56PM Greyest of Blue Skies? Always nice to see some F11

HDTV Listings for September 18, 2009 (Engadget HD)

Sep 18th 2009 9:58PM Isn't Canada showing another episode of Defying Gravity tonight?

Sony Pictures responds to your poll results, discusses the future of BD-Live (Engadget HD)

May 13th 2009 12:18PM For the first few months, the Dexter Bluray was the only one I owned with BDLive. Let's just say the bad taste is still in my mouth. If a studio knows what features they want to include on a disc via BDLive, just put them on one of the discs instead. I don't need the strain on my bandwidth. It is soooo irritating to buy a bluray and put it in the player and watch a progress bar fill. This is why I didn't watch the movie through Amazon on my Tivo. This is why I didn't watch the movie through the PSN or Xbox Live!. As far as RSS feeds and free tickets, I have a computer and a cell phone. Include a voucher in the sleeve or have a website that accepts my serial number for a ticket. As far as social networking like facebook in the new Watchmen bluray that is coming out, instead of putting a system like this on an individual bluray, take a page from boxee and integrate a social element into your firmware. As far as that hilarious poll goes:
Man at supermarket: Hello sir/mam, I am conducting an poll.
Man/woman who didn't avoid man with clipboard: Sure, i've got opinions
Man with clipboard: If you were given the option to download lots of awesome features on a bluray, would it make you more likely or less likely to purchase it?

The same could be true of a free banana with purchase, or a paper sailboat with purchase; just because people would rather have something as not have it, doesn't mean it isn't @#$%.