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Caster lets you pay what you want (Big Download)

May 29th 2010 2:58PM I can't find the sale. It would help if you would post internet links

FixWin offers one-click fixes for loads of Vista and Windows 7 annoyances (Download Squad)

Apr 15th 2010 2:26PM Their UAC App messed up my computer, you might want to create a restore point or use commodo time machine first

Google Nexus One Review (Download Squad)

Mar 9th 2010 7:53PM 1ghz cpu for a phone ok, good to play flightgear?

Addicted to porn? There's an app for that... (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2010 3:59PM The "contact us" is on the right

Addicted to porn? There's an app for that... (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2010 3:45PM http://www.troubledwith.com/AbuseandAddiction/A000000776.cfm?topic=abuse%20and%20addiction%3A%20pornography%20and%20cybersex

I would think emotional and (in marraige) physical fathfulness/commitment help a relationship grow.

10+ great tools for safer web browsing (Download Squad)

Feb 9th 2010 1:24PM for firefox, or BlockIT for Opera?

Levelator 2.0 automagically makes your podcast sound better (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2010 1:19PM It's also great if someone records a sermon, funeral, or other audio presentation too low, it can fix it.

Foobar2000 v1.0 Beta -- holy crap, it's finally here! (Download Squad)

Dec 30th 2009 4:01PM How do I get 3D sound with Stereo Soundcard and Speakers?