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Older Apple iOS devices must jailbreak to be secure -- oh the irony (Engadget)

Aug 13th 2010 10:45AM Know what's really annoying, Engadget? Putting a link in the article with the text "jailbreakme.com" and instead of it actually linking to the site like any normal website URL link would do, you link it to you own article from less than 2 weeks ago.

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 8:48AM Yeah, good luck selling THAT to consumers!

Let's be honest here. Anyone with decent computer knowledge already has a computer they're comfortable with, and has no real interest in changing OS (exception to dual-booting or learning Linux). The kind of advertising Microsoft and Apple are broadcasting aim at consumers who just simply don't use a computer as in-depth as the rest of us. They have no clue what the REAL differences between a Mac and a PC is, and they don't want to spend the time playing with one and the other for a while and figuring it out. If asked what they want to do with their computer they'll probably say something about playing music or videos, something you can do with any computer. These are the same people who probably don't take a car out for a test drive before they buy it, or buy a fancy phone just because it's fancy and have no clue what features it has or what functions it can perform. To put it bluntly, they want to be told what OS they should have.

That being said, my personal thought on the matter is Windows 7 has a larger footprint in the industry and if you're already used to a PC you should stick with it. However, nothing beats a Mac when it comes to audio/video/3D creation and manipulation. And with the 12-core workhorses Apple just put out, I believe that speaks for itself.

Oxyfit personal oxygen booster a bulky alternative to Perri-air (Engadget)

Feb 16th 2010 3:38PM My guess is this product originally stemmed from oxygen bars. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_bar) Maybe the idea was that this was to be to oxygen bars what a personal hookah is to a hookah bar. Then somewhere along the way someone decided that it would market better to the athletic types.

Google imposes $350 early termination fee for subsidized Nexus One in addition to carrier's own ETF (Engadget)

Jan 12th 2010 7:53AM "Don't be evil."
Do we have to tattoo it backwards on your forehead so you remember every time you use the restroom, or after slipping this in the fine print is it already just too hard to look at yourself in the mirror without feeling some sort of shame?

Mozilla dev shares new info on Firefox 4 for Windows (Download Squad)

Dec 22nd 2009 12:25AM Seconded, I don't like the idea of the address bar below the tab bar. I don't need a stylized browser. There's nothing wrong with the tried-and-true way of having the address bar above the tabs.

Squibble portable Braille interface is clever, beautiful (Engadget)

Dec 7th 2009 8:39PM @Wossname
Legally blind people cannot see depth, color, shape, or size. A vast majority, however, can see differences in light density and illumination. Ask a blind person what they actually can see and the answer might surprise you, since "legally blind" only means visually unable up to a certain point.

Rumor: New Left 4 Dead 2 CG trailer leaked, epic (Joystiq)

Oct 22nd 2009 4:03PM Valve, will you marry me?

Leaked AT&T presentation confirms remaining WinMo releases for 2009, that employees can't spell 'proprietary' (Engadget)

Sep 21st 2009 11:12AM I agree, the Epix was a failure unless you took the time to hack the crap out of the registry (like fixing the God-awful bluetooth A2DP quality) and use programs like RealVGA. I use mine daily, but have a backup copy of around 70MB of .cabs waiting on my computer just in case I have to fix it all over again.

God I hope winmo6.5 doesn't suck hard on the Epix.

Ninja Kunai USB Drive: the tech equivalent of getting a foreign language tattoo (Engadget)

Sep 21st 2009 11:08AM Let's justify this price, shall we?
#1: Make it no less than 8GB. Preferably 16GB or higher.
#2: Let's remove that crappy metal-plastic casing and make it something legit. At that price, it better be thick, high-grade steel or titanium.
#3: Sharpen it.