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Member since: Aug 8th, 2006

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New Parallels Desktop beta enables better USB, performance, integration (TUAW.com)

Aug 8th 2006 6:18PM I don't understand. Why virtualization works only on Intel Macs? And what requirements does it meet to run games?

What the wireless carriers should make a #1 priority (The Wireless Report)

Aug 8th 2006 6:12PM They need to ask people, what they really want. Only after that service can go up

Internet Explorer 7 sucks on standards (Download Squad)

Aug 8th 2006 6:05PM So what? All web-designers will make site for IE. Because almost half of users use it

Car washes unfairly target Jeeps as dangerous (Autoblog)

Aug 8th 2006 5:34PM Washing jeeps is the same dangerous as in formula 1? Yikes!

Women In Guilds (WoW)

Aug 8th 2006 5:17PM I have few friends who are really man, but play woman character. So not always woman in game is really woman :

Lebanese Oil Spill Threatens Coastlines, Marine Life (Divester)

Aug 8th 2006 5:08PM Damn Israel! They burned this plant, they must clean Mediterranean sea!

What's on tonight: Eureka, World Series of Poker, Last Comic Standing, Ham on the Street (AOL TV)

Aug 8th 2006 5:00PM I hate Rockstar: Supernova. Sorry, but it's my expression of feelings

Stumped for 6-year-old birthday present? How about a spa treatment? (ParentDish)

Aug 8th 2006 4:58PM It costs 5000$? Heh, expensive for me. About services: imagine girls which will grow up after this pedicures and manicures, massages. They will be like Barbie. Yes, they'll be the same beautiful, but they won't work. Because they don't know HOW. And only man (as always) can save her from this cruel world