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10 Home Improvements That Are a Waste of Money (AOL Real Estate)

Jul 2nd 2012 3:13PM I agree with Mary, If you plan on staying in the house for awhile and have young kids, a pool is a child's dream come true. I wouldn't trade the fun my boys have in my pool for any amount of money.

Mow Your Lawn or Go to Jail, Warns One Long Island Village (AOL Real Estate)

Jun 14th 2012 12:33PM I think this mainly applies to banks that are sitting on foreclosed properties and are trying to save money by not having the properties kept up. I've seen some home owners let there homes get pretty bad, but never to the extent of boarded up windows and doors.

Frito-Lay Attempts Potato Chip Alchemy (Slashfood)

Apr 29th 2010 3:28PM they should just use popcorn salt. the crystals are smaller stick better to what your adding it to
and you can use less.

Pirate Bay crew found guilty (Download Squad)

Apr 19th 2009 11:06AM i'm not one for stealing either, but say i wanted a mp3 song by a sony artist to add to my illegal mix cd. i could go out and buy a sony computer, upgrade to a faster sony multi-format burner, go out and by a 100 pack of sony CDR's, download the song and burn my artist robing, copy infringement, profit stealing mix cd. blank disc's run for about 10 cents on sale. you tell me.......who's suppling the demand.