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Search Made That Much Easier (AOL Mail Blog)

Jul 8th 2009 8:51PM For a second I was so happy thinking Search functionalities were improved in AOL mail. Unfortunately it referred to web search.
Please improve search in AOL mail. Currently all it offers issearch Mail, Sender and Subject.
Please give advanced search and cross-folder search!

Task.fm creates tasks and reminders from natural language (Download Squad)

May 13th 2009 1:02PM Fantastic point. No one would notice it the way it's been written.
"while 100 is only $8".

Besides why would someone pay for an SMS reminder, when there are ones like Windows Live and Google that do it for free?

Microsoft: Vista to be available until 2011, officially (Download Squad)

May 5th 2009 12:05PM Absolutely! I've found Vista to be a worthy upgrade to XP. I can never understand what people fuss about all the while whining about Vista.

New Gmail feature will suggest recipients for your emails (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2009 9:08AM I have a feeling, people are so into Gmail since years, they haven't used any other service, so they know of no updates.
For instance, in AIM Mail, for atleast 3 years that I know, if you send a mail to multiple people, right after you click send, it asks if a distribution list needs to be created. And the only thing you need to do is type the name of it.
I think it's easier to have a better sense of who you're sending to e.g.Project Funding Team, Golf Club Friends, etc. instead of suggestions that you need to choose as you type from a drop-down.
Remember, you're not typing the addresses to create the group here either.
Why all this fuss about "anything" that comes from Gmail then?

New Gmail feature will suggest recipients for your emails (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2009 7:48AM How is this different from creating email groups - something that has existed since a while?

Dogpile on Microsoft! Adobe, IBM, Oracle join EU anti-trust case (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2009 3:52PM Your headline is misleading. Did you know Dogpile is also a reasonably well-known metacrawler? So I thought what is IT doing here? until I read the article and saw the photo, that is... :-)