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Cha-Cha launches in beta with real live search guides (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2006 3:54PM Let's say that this idea does in fact take off. I think the result is that G, Y, etc. will start adding staff to do guided searches as either a paid feature or an advertiser-supproted feature. They already have something to that extent in Yahoo Answers, etc. Answers is not assisted search, but it does help you get a relevant subset of the potential information that you could receive. And not only is it free, but people out there will gladly do it as a hobby given recognition of their efforts.

Yahoo! Mail to get integrated IM (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2006 3:20PM I use Yahoo Mail more than any other Web application, and this is one of the WORST ideas I have seen come from Yahoodom yet. I'm outraged that they are spending their time developing this totally unnecessary feature, which will make YMail even more bloated once they finally finish it, when (1) I already run YMessenger and do not need a redundant Web interface for it, (2) the new YMail lacks several features that I depend on for managing my email, and (3) the existing YMail is starting to degrade and things that used to work are now broken. Yahoo is starting to look more like Microsoft and less like the innovative, unified service that got my loyalty in the first place.

Browster 2.0 makes MySpace (barely) bearable (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 1:53PM I've seen my share of obnoxious MySpace pages. And most if not all of those pages belong to adults. I really wonder if these people actually ever look at their own homepage. Guess having 1000 friends on your list makes irrelevant whether anyone actually looks at your page

If MySpace really wants to be taken seriously (and News Corp. appears to be making MySpace their main online presence), then it needs to offer the features that this program purports to offer as options within a user's account. Let me decide for myself whether someone's song starts playing automatically. Give me the ability to turn off their unreadable style sheet and stop the 500 images on the page from loading. Don't make me have to download a nebulous product like this one in order to enjoy using MySpace.

Why Don't You Have a Yahoo! ID? (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2006 1:45PM Of the major Internet portals, Yahoo has the best package. I have used Yahoo for years because of all of the features. It's not perfect and so what if other services have "better" offerings? Only on Yahoo are they all integrated synergistically. Maybe on AOL too, but Yahoo was free long before AOL.

Google is a copycat that had a great IPO. It has to copy Yahoo because search engines are a dime a dozen and if they lose their supremacy there, they'd have nothing else.

All this talk about online storage, but where's Yahoo?? (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2006 1:24PM Not to mention that you cannot upload any file that is larger than 5 MB, a ridiculously small size given today's files.

Yahoo's greatest strength is the many features on one account (as I like to think of it, the AOL-killer). However, Yahoo needs to stay ahead of the competition, lest it lose that advantage.