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Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry? (TUAW.com)

May 8th 2011 11:47PM Great article, and much of what we have been thinking about at Graphicly.

Here are a couple of issues that are different for the comic industry from any other:

1) The right management is usually set by device, and the amount of people that own rights is larger than the music industry;
2) Digital comics are not collectible (meaning, should they be compared at all to the paper versions given they are actually different products)

Also big issues:

* How do we make comics accessible to everyone (not via a platform, but allow people to experience what we love about comics)
* pricing structure;
* file format & data portability;
* timeliness of release (most comics are old by the time they get to digital)
* shouldnt digital comics be "more" than just replication of the print version?
* how does retail factor into a digital strategy?

Im not sure there is an answer. For years, creators have moved to own their stories, which allows for more control, but the two big guys, Marvel and DC, who own ~75% of the market are owned by Disney and Warner Bros, which as companies are all about owning the characters and stories for film, tv, video games, etc.

As a test, this past FCBD, we worked with several publishers, such as Archaia, to provide digital versions of their in store books (or other digital offerings) for free on FCBD. We saw about 4x the number of logins that we normally do on a Monday, and saw 3x the signups - We have hundreds of free books, so I can only guess that it was people getting their friends to check out some specific FCBD books. We heard again and again from folks that couldnt get to their local comic shop, that they were glad to get a LEGAL version of the book.

I am excited to see what "Comics 2.0" is and to see the creators and fans begin to have louder voices in how they are able to consume comics (I, for one, think an iComicStore is not a bad idea, and would welcome it).

Happy to discuss further - micah@graphicly.com email and GTALK.

Twitter's "Follow Friday" gets its own website (Download Squad)

Apr 10th 2009 9:34PM Todd, you are completely wrong.

I started FollowFridays.com and had a hand in getting #followfriday off the ground. Here is my post about it: http://learntoduck.com/micah/follow-friday.

When #followfriday began, it was a great way for people to find other people to follow based on trusted recommendations from their friends. Since then, it has exploded and become a million other things, with a million other sites that really dont do what #followfriday should be all about: trusted recommendations.

So, I got with two friends: @strebel who designed the site and @justsignal who built the #followfriday tracker, and put it all together on FollowFridays.com. I called it the "official" site, because I was involved, and it was the only site that did exactly was #followfriday was supposed to do, provide trusted recommendations.

The top recommended is based on the data from the tracker (and some help from my friend Scott who built http://topfollowfriday.com) the featured are folks who we have selected, or helped defray the cost of the site, and the top endorsers are folks that I really liked how they endorsed. Seriously. Thats it.

Read the posts on the site, and it tells you everything about who we are, and what the site is all about.

Jay, thanks for the post!