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[Updated] Win a copy of DC Universe Online from Massively! (Massively)

Jan 18th 2011 5:00PM Teleporting robotic gadget freak

RIFT beta events: Impressions from the staff (Massively)

Jan 4th 2011 9:59PM I totally played this game for 30 seconds and I have to say.. I've seen these loading screens before, this has been done before. First the logo pops up followed by a movie?!? come on! obviously a total sandbox intro...

The Space Bar sleekly covers up your grimy keyboard, adds a few USB ports to boot (Engadget)

Jan 20th 2010 12:12PM @drewcovi Yeah this is a much better design... The space bar makes no mention of supporting a monitor and their picture shows it placed in front of the monitor...

Cryptic's predictions crushed by Star Trek Online numbers (Joystiq)

Jan 19th 2010 4:16PM I got one of the Fileplanet beta keys and I've stayed up till 2 am the past few night playing this game for hours on end... It has been growing on me, but I admit that there's a lot repetition there and I'm not sure if it will hold my attention long term... Thus far I've been having a great time finding random teams and blowing the crap out stuff. So far there haven't been nearly enough away missions. The best group of missions I've done so far involved a quest that auto grouped me with a few other players, we warped to different areas in this system and it ended on with a group away mission. If there were more of these in there I would be hooked. The group away mission was a lot of fun.

This thing does need improvement and like most MMOs at launch, probably won't be ready for prime time when they are finally forced to push it out the door.

Amtrak adding free WiFi to some trains, still no charge for delayed arrivals (Engadget)

Jan 14th 2010 10:26AM I quite enjoy traveling Amtrak, and here in Chicago I haven't really run into many delays. I just jump on the train, watch a few movies on my laptop and then I'm there. I never get bothered about how much luggage I have, and I just figure I'm waiting on the train watching movies and relaxing rather than standing in traffic to/from the airport and standing in lines at the airport. Over the holidays I went to and from St Louis for $23 each way. Most people don't realize the later you buy your ticket the more it costs because the prices increase as the train fills up. That same ticket runs $65 after the trail is full.

As far as Amtrak problems, if the government subsidized their own rail service as well as they subsidize roads and privately held airlines, it might fare a little better. Not to mention the fact that Amtrak is at the mercy of most freight lines. Some state governments have put money into rail improvements and have used leverage against the freight carriers to get Amtrak better privileges but it changes from state to state.

Some people argue they don't want their taxes subsidizing a service they don't use, but more people on trains means less in their way at the airport and on the roads.

If you do travel by train a lot you may also want to look into NARP, you get 10% off tickets and support passenger rail and membership is reasonably priced.

Avast has a freak out, goes on a false positive spree (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2009 10:19AM Avast picked up a few things last night on my machine that were not infected, but I figured it was just a bad definition roll out since I knew all of the files it was tagging were old and had remained unchanged for quite some time. I have been toying with the idea of moving to MS Security Essentials when I move to Windows 7, mainly after I read through this:

Anyone have any details on how MS stacks up against Avast and AVG on detection/removal?

Be bad ... and win a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta code (Joystiq)

Nov 19th 2009 10:17AM Is your cat making too much noise all the time??? Is your cat constantly stomping around, driving you crazy??? Is your cat clawing at your furnitures??? Think there's no answer??? You're so stupid!!! There is!!!! Kitten Mittens!!!

Sony's VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse pictured in the wild, almost as ugly as last week's OpenOfficeMouse (Engadget)

Nov 13th 2009 11:08AM Someone more with more Photoshop talent than me (which means just about everyone) needs to replace the V and the O in VAIO with an F and an L

Sanitarium now available on (Joystiq)

Nov 11th 2009 5:50PM Sorry, I mean "I have no mouth and I must scream"

This opening video gives you a better idea of the what this game is about...