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OnLive Playback game catalog free to all users through Jan. 31 (Joystiq)

Jan 15th 2011 10:51PM I think a hidden gem of a use for this service, if you install the windows client is as a way to demo games. No downloading of huge multigig demos. Just play the full game for 30 minutes or whatever the limit is. Instantly into any game to try it out.

The list of games has to get much bigger but we can see that is happening and its a relatively new service. Must be tough aquiring the licences for all these games. Having online embedded into cable set top boxes and such will surely help there.

As far as being able to play live with other people, I've found the lag too great and I'm on a 20mb Virgin cable connection. The fuzziness does grate on you after a while too but as a way to just demo games, I think it's unbeaten.

DivX launches Internet TV platform (Download Squad)

Jan 7th 2010 2:12PM I can't see this getting any traction. It makes too much sense for the film and TV industries to all deal with.

On the phone with Michael Lynton - CEO Sony Pictures
"So yeah, this divx thing sounds great, but I'm not sure where the Blu-ray discs come in?... (Charlie Brown phone voices)... It doesn't use them you say? Can it be patched so it will use them?...(Charlie Brown phone voices) Right, right, I get it, wireless delivery of content, no need for a PC, yup, yup but... I'm sorry, can we start again, why doesn't it have a Blu-Ray drive again?"

New Pi record: 2.7 trillion digits, calculated on a desktop PC! (Download Squad)

Jan 7th 2010 1:51PM (trying to fit in and appear smart)

So what kind of pi was it? Apple pi?

Adobe finally ready to make Reader, Acrobat updates mandatory (Download Squad)

Jan 6th 2010 11:29AM I'm so glad I ditched Adobe Reader a long time ago. It's a real POS.

A little bird told me that part of the reason for compulsory updates is so Adobe can keep an eye on other Adobe software installed on a users system. Using the reader as a kind of trojan horse to get in and send back information about the keys to Adobe apps like Photoshop. This is of course just a rumour, one I may, or may not have started.

Here's a typical user case scenario for the viewing of a PDF document. User gets out of bed. User wants to read PDF's, has heard Adobe Reader will do that. User goes to download it and instead of getting the download, first has to go through installing a new download system. After lunch user finally has the 16 gigabyte install for the reader software done, along with some extra software they didn't ask for. User goes to read PDF document but now there are updates, these are important security updates. User believes they must have these. After dinner user tries again to read the PDF document and the crowd goes wild, he shoots, he succeeds!

Cue Jingle

|At Adobe Dynamics, we make simple tasks stupidly hard, because we can.

A sneak peek at the new technology in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2010 4:26PM My copy of Paint Shop Pro V7 just looks pathetic after seeing that. At least I can snub my nose at the 3D side with Cinema 4D in my start menu. Note the 4, so that's one more dimension that photoshop has! :p

Completely off topic, it just struck me going from reading Paul Therrotts Windows site to reading an article here, there's a passion here on this site. No tired, jaded journalists or journo-wannabes. I'll take passionate writing over perfect grammar any day of the week. That's the secret ingredient of all the websites that manage to keep on living in my RSS feed.

Open source Songbird to begin shipping with millions of MP3 players (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2010 12:44PM I want to love the songbird but its UI is a mess. Maybe they'll get some much needed cash from this deal and be able to devote time to making it all pretty and more usable.

I remember the pug ugly Miro came on in leaps and graphical bounds when Mozilla threw some money at them, so there's hope.

Bono warns the world against rampant piracy (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2010 10:48AM @Austen Many years ago the music industry was up in arms about how radio would kill the business and then how the tape recorder would kill it and guess what happened? Music sales went up.

Don't believe the company line that having easy access to free music brings about the end of the business. The biggest factor by far for the change in profits labels are getting from music was the dinosaur like attitude they had to accepting it was going online, whether they liked it or not. Not having a business model ready to take advantage of digital sales was the biggest blunder.

If you look at an artist like Jonathan Coulton, now there is a musician who worked out he didn't need a big label, believed in the idea that if you make great music, put it out online, a fanbase will rally round you and support you. You can easily pirate anything Jonathan has put out or buy it, but Despite the "kids not wanting to pay anything" he continues to grow his business and has had much success. This is the new model that Bono has no clue about.

Bono is a cash cow for his record label, and admitting he's made so much money he's able to give it away, is more a reflection on how twisted and corrupt the old music industry is, rather than any statement of his worth as a person. I hear Al Capone was a bit of a philanthropist too, I guess that makes him a top guy as well.

Download Driver Magician for free, today only! (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2010 10:22AM I've never trusted Microsoft with all their resources to offer the correct driver in Windows Update. I'm even less likely to trust in an app like this.

On each of the three PC's I have in the house, Windows Update is offering one driver for each one that isn't right, that's a bad sign especially as one PC is running Windows 7 and another running Vista. This program might be excellent and never fail, but for now I'll get my drivers the old fashioned way and listen in for comments on how good this is.

What were the most-pirated TV shows of 2009? (Download Squad)

Jan 4th 2010 3:48PM What racco said.

I refuse to wait months or even longer sometimes for top shows all my internet fwends are talking about. If that makes me a bad man, then so be it, book me Danno!

Stupid Windows 7 trick: unlock the secret God Mode folder (Download Squad)

Jan 4th 2010 3:32PM I'm hoping with godmode enabled I'll be able to camp on the recycle bin and head shot spam as it comes in.