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IE9 Tweaker is an easy way to customize Internet Explorer 9 (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 11:19PM All of these things can be done from within the browser settings.

Internet Explorer 9 downloads keep on rolling, hits 6 million in just two weeks (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2010 6:30PM Oh come on. Windows 7 isn't that good. I just wish people would stop worshipping OSes, sort of like the people who carry their bibles all around with them.

Grab the auto-updating Bing Dynamic theme for Windows 7, enjoy some pretty pictures (Download Squad)

Sep 25th 2010 10:16AM Here;s the rss feed - http://themeserver.microsoft.com/default.aspx?p=Bing&c=Desktop&m=en-US

Can anyone tell me a software that changes wallpaper based on this feed? Im running Vista SP2 64 bit edition.

Internet Explorer 9 now available for download (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2010 3:28PM It magically showed "restart now" after about half an hour

Running it right now. IE9 x64 is not THAT much faster than ie8 x64 :(

Maybe because Im running INTEL GMA 3100

Adobe releases 64-bit Flash Player 'Square' for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2010 2:58PM Running perfectly in IE8 64 bit.
Very fast performance!

Internet Explorer 9 now available for download (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2010 2:56PM Did anyone manage to install it after downloading from the website?

My download seems to be stuck everytime I run the installer - http://i.imgur.com/NrDFO.jpg

By the way, Im running Vista x64 ...

Firefox 4 beta 3 arrives with Windows 7 touch support, two more betas coming (Download Squad)

Aug 11th 2010 12:26PM How do I enable hardware acceleration in this beta?

1HRmail lets you send inexpensive snail mail anywhere in the world (Download Squad)

Aug 11th 2010 2:43AM Yah, but can the lawyers/professionals track all letters they sent?

Now, that would really be useful.