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Tarantino Unchains Django: It's Foxx (BV Newswire)

Jun 23rd 2011 9:58PM Brad Pitt?

Try This: How Do You Handle Allowance? Is It Tied to Chores? (ParentDish)

Mar 20th 2011 4:31PM Our family has a similar concept. Our kids are a valuable and cherished part of the family and for that reason, we give them a small allowance. In return, they need only participate in being part of the family. However, we do give them the opportunity to earn extra money by picking up extra work around the house.

20+ essential programs for your new Windows computer (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2010 10:01AM @kusuma Winamp was mentioned in the list.

Grandson Won't Sleep in His Own Bed! (ParentDish)

Nov 1st 2010 8:59AM When you allow your child to sleep in your bed regularly, and consistently you are creating a litany of complications for your child. Not least among them is serious separation issues. These are the children you find screaming and crying when they are dropped of at school. These are the kids who find it difficult to develop appropriate relationships with other people and never learn to deal with stressful situations. Sure, there are families in some cultures who sleep together, but there are also other significant cultural differences in those cultures. In many of those cultures, children don't go to school, or birthday parties, and aren't even expected to leave the home until they are married. The bottom line is, this behavior is a result of the parents' unwillingness to deal with the temporary struggle involved in setting boundaries and enforcing them. The same type of parents who rather than deal with the issue in a real way through behavioral therapy write to a web sight to ask a random stranger what they should do.

Grandson Won't Sleep in His Own Bed! (ParentDish)

Nov 1st 2010 8:50AM I'm guessing the husband thing isn't going so well. Her comment went from "our bed" when referring to when the child was young, and now it's "me" and "my bed".

The hidden (and not-so-hidden) meanings of 12 brands' favorite numbers (WalletPop)

Sep 15th 2010 6:49PM @ JJ If you're going to bring politics into the conversation, maybe at least try to be relevant. Prohibition was a bad move, and was not repealed by President Roosevelt. It was appealed by an act of congress and signed into law by Roosevelt. It's funny though, that you would mention how that loser Hoover started prohibition, but nothing about today's Dems attempts at banning certain foods (Oreos!) salt, fast food and trans fats. Equally rediculous, for sure. But let me guess: It's for my own good?

SmackDown: Should Body Piercings Be Allowed in School? (ParentDish)

Sep 15th 2010 8:37AM I also think that judging by the blowup about this issue, the school's position that nose piercings are a distraction is pretty accurate. It seems entirely ironic that someone would try to prove that something is not a distraction and completely ok by making a national issue of it.

SmackDown: Should Body Piercings Be Allowed in School? (ParentDish)

Sep 15th 2010 8:32AM Obviously piercings don't make you a bad person. Personally, I don't have any (I have spent most of my life trying to avoid having my flesh run through with sharp objects!). I know some lovely people who do. I also know some real losers who don't have any piercings or what many of you seem to think are obvious signs of a bad person. That being said, there is a dress code, and by most accounts, it is a reasonable one. Unfortunately for this student, nose piercings are not allowed. As for her claim that it is part of her religion, the Church of Body Modifaication certainly doesn't qualify as a religion. Reading their mission statement and faith statement, they are better described as a "support group". There is no worship in a god, deity, or group of deities. Only encouragement to use body modification in the individual's spiritual growth. They also require members to "apply" which seems to promote a sprit of exclusion, rather than inclusion. And they actively seek corporate sponsorship. So regardless of how a person feels about peircings, it can only be concluded that the student's claim that it is part of her religion is only an attempt to use peoples' sensitivity to religion to get her way.

Conseco King's Sprawling Indiana Mansion Up for Auction (Housingwatch)

Jul 16th 2010 5:23PM Man, why do you hate rich people so much. Granted, this guy ripped off a publicly traded company and beyond that is clearly enthralled with himself. But what did Phil Mickleson ever do to you? Your bitterness towards people who have had great financial success is unflattering.

Drunken Baby Photos? Not So Funny (ParentDish)

Jul 16th 2010 10:57AM So, from what I could glean from this rambling parody of an article, the author was offended by the pictures because her own daughter has a drinking problem? Perhaps she should spend less time complaining about adds and more time teaching her own children to abstain from alcohol until they are old enough and responsible enough to handle it. When describing the "3 types of parents" she left out the ones who are so obsessed with complaining and thrusting their opinions on the world that they completely fail at raising their own children.

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