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Member since: Mar 24th, 2009

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Hulu plans to go international (Download Squad)

Mar 24th 2009 1:22PM I would have no objection to a service such as you describe in your reply, as long as it did indeed result in a reduction to the cost of the tv licence. But somehow I doubt that will happen. Every year sees an increase in cost. I don't ever remember any reduction.

Hulu plans to go international (Download Squad)

Mar 24th 2009 1:07PM There is a fundamental difference in the way the iplayer and hulu have been funded. The BBC is funded by the British taxpayer, and I as one of them would feel a little aggrieved if this content was made free and available to those that have not contributed to that funding.

I have no problem with the itv or channel 4 versions of online player being made more widely available, as their primary source of funding is through commercial means, as with hulu. So by all means let advertisers and their viewers fund wider viewing. But the BBC iplayer is an exception.