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Steve Jobs was top choice for Google CEO (

Apr 9th 2011 10:42PM That design was just used as an example to us public since we know what that is. There would of been many others factors that our simple public minds would not understand, hence the simple example.

Deciding on a tablet by comparing specs? You've missed the point (

Mar 3rd 2011 6:35PM I had a similar view before I got the iPad, but now my view has changed.

Asustek chairman has "secret weapon" to compete with iPad 2 (

Feb 5th 2011 1:17AM The secret weapon is boasting we have a secret weapon when we don't have a secret weapon so that it scares the others to give up by thinking we have a secret weapon. With Asus, that could be it.

iPhone increases US-China trade deficit by $2 billion (

Jan 15th 2011 7:54PM These stories are killing two birds with one stone: anti-China talk (which is popular) and anti-Apple talk. Apple has been a success recently taking the thunder from other mega-corporations such as Microsoft and that makes Apple a target for negative PR. Where is the publicity on this for Microsoft? Many thousands do coding work for Microsoft Windows and other software in China and India and not to mention millions of units of Microsoft hardware being made in China as well. These mega-corporations like Microsoft and their sheep-like followers are feeding these stories out. It is part of the war in the world of commerce.

Finder now offers to search Mac App Store for unknown file types (

Jan 7th 2011 6:53AM I don't see the point of deleting it. Delete the icon from the dock, sure. You can just leave the App Store entry under the Apple (logo) menu because the only change there is the words: 'OSX Software' has now changed to the 'App Store'.

It's Clippy! Back as a Mac App Store utility (

Jan 6th 2011 6:55PM Despite advances in technology, people are more busier than ever. The Mac App Store is one of many responses to this. Convenience. You may or may not pay extra for convenience in the Mac App Store, but you do other areas. You have a car, washing machine, microwave, LCD TV, toaster, etc, well, you are paying heavily for those conveniences. Time versus Money. The Mac App Store is long over due. Don't like it, don't use it.

Bloomberg Game Changers Steve Jobs documentary online and on TV tonight (

Oct 16th 2010 7:48AM Worked fine for me on Ubuntu 10.10.

Good doco, very enjoyable, easily could have been longer.

Motorola sues Apple for 18 alleged patent infringements (

Oct 13th 2010 2:56AM Before the iPhone came along I remember saying to people that despite all the new phones coming out they were all the same and that there was no innovation at all. It was the same old, same old, phones being churned out with different colours and slightly different shaped buttons. I remember all too clearly. Manufacturers all had the sheep mentality (sorry sheep) in fear of their shareholders to do anything different. Despite using many models of them I new they were clunky back then and I still do.

The ever-growing iTunes basket (

Sep 29th 2010 5:14AM I say, so what? iTunes has always worked for me, starts up and shuts fine, plays music and videos fine, browse the store fine, syncs my iPods and phones without a problem, etc Big deal if it has plenty more features than originally intended, it works. I would like to see much more features that should be included. They have a way to go yet.

Rumor: Apple working on parts for iPad 2 (

Sep 17th 2010 7:50PM They certainly would be working on iPad 2. Microsoft and Google will be creeping up shortly so Apple has got to keep ahead of the game.

The usual hardware thing should be done: CPU, RAM (1GB beter), memory, etc. I don't see the display changing to retina because of the limited supply that would cause and the need for a better CPU and more RAM just for the improved display. SD reader or mini usb, cameras hopefuly be added.